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Sustainability: A Goal Clearly in Sight

On the Road to Carbon Neutrality, With a Focus on Energy, Waste, Materials, Water and Emissions

At Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, we want to do our part in preventing climate change, and we have set ambitious goals in this area. From 2020 to 2025, we will reduce our relative CO2 emissions – as calculated per million euros of revenue – by 30 percent. Until 2030, we will use exclusively electricity from renewable sources.

We know that we can only reach our climate goals if we proceed down this path quickly and systematically. That means we want to cut down on energy use quickly by continually optimizing our products and technologies, reducing waste and improving the energy efficiency of our buildings.

To us, sustainable operation means paying attention to our consumption of materials and energy and minimizing CO2 emissions in manufacturing. We have already electrified our energy supply significantly, and we increasingly obtain electricity from renewable sources.

30% reduction in terms of CO2 per million euros of revenue by 2025

Four Steps To Zero Emissions

We have defined our path to carbon neutrality and are pursuing a multi-step strategy involving reduction, electrification, green electricity and compensation. Cutting down on the use of materials and energy is a top priority when the goal is to protect the climate. The electrification of our energy supply, which is well underway in our facilities, is the foundation for our next major step toward zero emissions: the conversion to electricity from renewable sources. Learn more about how we are proceeding at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies and what methods we are using.

Leading by Example

Wide-Angle View on Sustainability

Freudenberg Group Progress Report

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is the largest of 12 Freudenberg business groups. Its parent company, the Freudenberg Group, joined the UN Global Compact in 2014. The initiative champions sustainable and responsible company management worldwide. Its members are guided by the vision of a sustainable global economy, as enshrined in the United Nations’ 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). They consistently align their activities with sustainability criteria and develop practical approaches to make their vision a reality and advance the cause of sustainability.

Every year, Freudenberg publishes a so-called progress report for the UN Global Compact. It is part of the its annual report and describes its understanding of sustainability. Looking back at the previous year, the report outlines the measures that Freudenberg has used to carry out the Global Compact’s principles and highlights examples of successful sustainability projects.

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