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27.06.2017 | Press Release

Protection for the Heart of the Electric Car: Battery seals from Freudenberg

With a novel seal for traction-battery housings, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is contributing to the more economical production of electric vehicles, even for fairly small production runs. The company’s patented “Profiles-to-Gasket,” or P2G, concept was specially developed for production runs of up to 5,000 batteries per year. Seals designed with the P2G approach supplement those that so far have mainly been designed for high-volume production.
19.06.2017 | ESSENTIAL Magazine

Thinking Ahead and Shaping the Future

Digitization and electric mobility are keeping the auto industry busy. A Berlin-based engineering service provider has emerged as a trailblazer.
Freudenberg PTFE OMEGATSeal
19.06.2017 | Press Release

Freudenberg Launches Expansion Into PTFE Aerospace Seal Production

With a focus on growing its product portfolio, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies will introduce a new line of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seals to aerospace customers at the 2017 International Paris Air Show, June 19 to 25.
EmbraerJet E195-E2 (copyright Embraer S.A.)
15.06.2017 | Press Release

Freudenberg Expertise, Collaboration Help New Commercial Aircraft Take Flight

When Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer Commercial Aviation recently celebrated the successful maiden mission of its E195-E2 jet, more than a little collaboration from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies was on board.

Events & Videos

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Novi, USA 12. - 14. September 2017

Battery Show North America

The battery industry’s most important innovations are being shown on the sector’s leading platform. They include new, original developments for electric and hybrid vehicles on a range of topics.
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Bonn, Germany 05. - 06. July 2017

“Drivetrain for Vehicles” International Congress

The VDI Transmission Congress has been the international meeting place for transmission developers for more than 30 years. It stands out for its high quality program with an appropriate technical depth.
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E-Mobility Video
E-Mobility 04.04.2017

E-Mobility – Charged with expertise

As a leading technological and market partner, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is setting new standards for sophisticated applications in sealing technology and electric mobility, among many other fields.

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O-Ring Configurator

O-Ring Configurator

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In the integrated materials assistant, suitable compounds can be determined based on the temperature range, the medium, the maximum pressure, the maximum  gap width as well as piston and rod movements.

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Low Emission Sealing Solutions

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies focuses on the reduction of friction with its LESS initiative. LESS stands for “Low Emission Sealing Solutions.” It demonstrates the sealing specialist’s considerable know-how and makes a contribution to the environmentally sustainable mobility of tomorrow.
FST E-Mobility


The future will run on electricity. Leading the way and actively helping to shape the transformation. With its unique materials and technology expertise, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is superbly equipped for the challenge ahead.

Levitex – The frictionless revolution

The engineers at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have come very close to the vision of a frictionless seal: The Levitex crankshaft seal creates an air cushion that seals the engine compartment with virtually no friction.
Less is more

Transmission innovation in high gear

Freudenberg meets the requirements of the automotive industry on seals for gears with lightweight construction, reduced friction and materials such as PTFE and PEEK.

Energy storage in hydraulic systems

Energy for hydraulic applications with the acquisition of Tobul Accumulator Incorporated, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) now offers its customers a complete line of hydraulic accumulators which include piston, diaphragm and bladder.
FST Automotive

Engine of technological progress

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Automotive supports the industry’s efforts to achieve greater efficiency and reduced emissions.
Heavy Industry

The hottest seal in Town: Radial shaft seal for roller bearings in steel plants

Roller bearings in steel plants are exposed to high stresses and temperatures. Our made-to-order elastomeric radial shaft seal is called the Merkel Radiamatic RPM 41
FST Distribution Mobile

For Distributors

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies proceeds just as systematically in the selection of its strategic distribution partners as it does with seal quality. Its global network consists of an exclusive group of highly qualified distributors who are well-qualified contact points for customers.
FST Freudenberg Xpress

Freudenberg Xpress

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers a unique service: machined seals from the original materials and original profiles from regular production.
FST Company VideoFST Company Video


The world of sealing technology is packed with innovative solutions that make life and work around the world safer and more reliable.

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