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3D Diesel

3D Animations like O Rings, Tablet Press and Valves

3D graphic of an injection molding machine

Injection Molding Machines

The operating conditions for seals in hydraulic cylinders for injection molding machines are diverse and challenging as high-performance machines ask for powerful sealing systems. Find out which of the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies products are up to the task!

3D graphic of an industrial press

Industrial Presses

To generate maximum pressure forces comparable to weights of up to 80,000 t, several hydraulic cylinders often work together in industrial presses. Find out which of the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies solutions are up to the challenges of high pressures, long strokes, high cycle rates combined with short travel, large diameters, or excellent gap bridging.

Wind turbine

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines – especially in the offshore sector – are sometimes exposed to extreme influences. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers high-performance and robust sealing solutions that reliably seal even under extremely harsh conditions and at the same time meet high runtime requirements. Discover our sealing solutions for wind turbines.

3D Grafik of Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgical Industry

The iron and steel industry places special demands on people, materials and technology. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers compact, high-performance sealing systems that seal reliably even under extremely harsh conditions while meeting long service life requirements.

Closed diaphragm pump

Beverage Filling Machine

Aroma transfer, media resistance and hygienic standards – Freudenberg Sealing Technologies develops innovative sealing solutions for beverage filling machines that are suitable for these and many more requirements of the beverage industry. Discover specially developed solutions in our 3D animation.

Closed diaphragm pump

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

Seals in air operated double diaphragm pumps have to withstand a high amount of pumping cycles and therefore need to be friction resistant and durable as well as to show good mechanical properties. Discover specially developed solutions in our 3D animation.

3D Tablet Press

Tablet Press

Purity, hygiene, conformity and durability – the pharmaceutical industry presents seals with a wide range of challenges. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed innovative sealing solutions especially for tablet presses, such as wipers, bellows, U-Cup rings and O-rings, which ensure a safe production of tablets.

3D-Animation of a car


Dive into our interactive 3D animation to discover cutting-edge E-Mobility automotive components from Freudenberg.

Whether it’s E-powertrains, power electronics, or battery systems, we provide customized solutions using application-appropriate materials and technology expertise that meets your unique needs.

3D model of a hydralic cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) develops seals whose materials and geometries are perfectly matched to the increasingly demanding applications and often harsh ambient conditions in fluid technology.



The pharmaceutical industry consists of many different applications and processes, all of which have individual requirements. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies provides suitable and innovative sealing solutions for coaters, such as O-rings and V-rings. Discover all sealing solutions for coaters in our 3D animation.


Double Seat Valve

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers both static and dynamic sealing solutions specifically for double-seat valves. We also develop customized solutions for you that are individually tailored to your requirements.



For mixers in the process industry, we offer you a variety of different sealing solutions that ensure hygienic production due to high-performance materials. Take a look at all sealing solutions in our 3D animation.

Homogenizer Plunger Pump

Homogenizer Plunger Pump

Whether it is aseptic or non-aseptic homogenizers – seals have to withstand multiple challenges. The solutions from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies fulfil all requirements, are suitable for use in the food and beverage industry and offer the possibility of customized adaptions.

3D Diesel

Diesel Engine

Use our interactive 3D animation to learn more about products from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies within a commercial diesel engine.

Whether it’s Plug and Seal for engine cooling, Forseals for high-pressure fuel pump, or Simmerrings to seal rotating shafts reliably, discover them all.

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