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Accumulator Applications

Accumulator Applications

Hydraulic Accumulators for a Wide Range of Applications

Hydraulic components are often subjects to very stiff requirements: High temperatures, extreme pressures, long power-on phases and extended services. Our accumulators demonstrate outstanding characteristics for every area of application. They are the ideal solution to cover peak needs, maintain pressure, store and recapture energy, reduce pressure peaks, power chassis suspensions, and dampen shock, vibration and pulsations.

As a leading technology specialist, Freudenberg Sealing Tech¬nologies is in the best position to develop accumulators which meet the requirements of a wide range of specific applications like: 

  • Construction 66-plus 67-minus

    Energy storage capability & pulsation dampening to smooth out the bumps, reduce the vibration, provide stability, safety and comfort. For example in hydro-pneumatic boom suspension systems with Freudenberg accumulators for telehandlers.

  • Oil and Gas 66-plus 67-minus

    As an energy storage device, accumulators provide instantaneous hydraulic power for emergency safety functions, such as blowout preventers used on drilling rigs, and valve actuators in well control mechanisms.

  • Energy 66-plus 67-minus

    Wind – Reliable solutions, trouble-free during installation and maintenance: That’s what the energy segment requires. Accumulators for hydraulic pitch or brake systems in Wind turbines, are a perfect example.

    Solar – Reduction of energy usage, by using an hydraulic pitch rotator system with hydraulic accumulators instead of a constantly running oil pump.

  • Fluid Power 66-plus 67-minus

    Hydraulic power units with the energy storage capability and pulsation dampening of hydraulic accumulators can smooth out a pulsating flow.

  • Agriculture 66-plus 67-minus

    Pulsation and suspension ‒ The energy storage capability of an accumulator provides a road-friendly suspension & pulsation dampening to reduce the vibration, provide stability, safety and quiet operation.

  • Automotive Applications 66-plus 67-minus

    Transmission ‒ The extremely high requirements of sustainable mobility revolutionized the technology of drive systems in just a few years. Whether DCT, AMT, hybrid or battery electric solutions – we offer the right technology for your gear.

  • Suspension 66-plus 67-minus

    The fine art of chassis design consists of harmonizing dynamics, stability and comfort. Potholes can be smoothed out and bumps are no longer an obstacle to safe driving and comfort. Using hydro pneumatic chassis systems with accumulators as the energy storage, pulsation dampening or anti-roll stabilization can generate this comfort.

Illustration of a suspension system with two hydraulic accumulators from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

The Whole Suspension System From a Single-Source

Individually assembled valve blocks from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, ensure perfect configurations.

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