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MRO specific products

MRO Specific Products

Dedicated Product Offering for MRO Demands

The MRO sector is crucial for many industries that rely on machinery and equipment. MRO tasks can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly, especially when unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions occur. Therefore, it is important to have appropriate tools and products at hand that can help quickly solve the needs of the MRO sector and get the applications back into operation quickly. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies can offer various MRO-related products through its two-product brand portfolio (Freudenberg and Dichtomatik) that help you reliably solve the needs of the MRO sector.


In the event of a repair, it is not only quickly available replacement products that are of great importance but also the tools that enable fast and trouble-free replacement. With its two brands, Freudenberg and Dichtomatik, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers many helpful tools that perform reliably in everyday use.

Merkel® Packing Cutters and Packing Extractors

Handling and removing old packing can be a challenge. Merkel® packing cutters for cutting new packings, as well as Merkel® packing extractors for careful and complete removal of old packings from the installation space make life easier.
Screw-on metal ring segments are available for the packing extractors to install the packings. This allows the packing rings to be inserted easily, evenly, and gently, simplifying installation.

Merkel® Packing Cutting Gauge

The universal Merkel® packing cutting gauge was developed for the practical cutting of packings from the roll. This packing cutter enables cutting precise lengths with correctly scarved ends to produce rings with exact dimensions.

Merkel® Cold Bonding Set RK15

In some applications in heavy industry, replacing a radial shaft seal, e.g. for maintenance work, involves considerable disassembly. The reliable joining of radial shaft sealing rings with the Merkel® cold bonding set RK15 saves time-consuming disassembly of the equipment on site and allows customers to carry out the work themselves.

Installation Tools

Installation tools of the Dichtomatik brand facilitate easy assembly and disassembly of seals. Installation and dismantling tools for O-rings and U-rings, calibration pliers for PTFE seals as well as dismantling tools for radial shaft seals and end caps help to get the application up and running again quickly.

The different tools can be ordered via our online ordering platform EASY or through our global distribution network.

Shaft Repair Sleeves

Shaft repair sleeves are used on shafts that are badly worn or degraded most typically found in applications like powertrains, or hydraulics systems. A shaft repair sleeve is a thin metal sleeve that is inserted over the worn surface of the shaft. Once the shaft has been installed it acts as a running surface for the radial shaft seal instead of the shaft itself. Using a shaft repair sleeve is a fast and cost-effective solution to extend the useful life of the shaft without the need to do time-consuming and costly repairs or replacement of the shaft. Wherever you utilize a radial shaft seals is somewhere you should consider adding a repair sleeve to extend the lifespan of the shaft.

These repair sleeves are the perfect compliment to your radial shaft seal, as they work in conjunction allowing you to keep the same seal and performance while extending the lifespan of your shaft. When you buy a radial shaft seal, we highly recommend you also purchase an accompanying repair sleeve.

Learn more about Shaft Repair Sleeves 70-external-link

Download Solutions Sheet "Shaft Repair Sleeves"

Assortment Boxes

In the event of repairs, the assortment boxes with Dichtomatik brand products enable seals to be replaced quickly and directly on site. This saves time and helps you to get your systems up and running again quickly. The boxes contain a variety of standard dimensions in different materials and designs. Our range of assortment boxes includes O-ring boxes (BOX OR), round cord boxes (BOX RS), and X-ring boxes (BOX XR). The O-ring boxes are available with seals made of NBR, FKM, EPDM and VMQ. Round cord boxes and X-ring boxes are available with seals made of NBR and FKM.

Learn more about Assortment Boxes 70-external-link

Download Solutions Sheet "Assortment Boxes"

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