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Food & Beverage

Premium Seals for the Food & Beverage Industry

Automated plant for filling mineral water into blue plastic bottles in a factory

From Hygienic Design and Legal Compliances to the Prevention of Aroma Transfer and Media Resistance

One of the biggest challenges in the food and beverage industry is the broad range of different end products and applications, such as filling machines, heat exchangers, valves and many more. These pose various requirements on the used sealing solutions. They not only have to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, greases, acids, abrasive media and CIP/SIP cleaning agents, but must also comply with the hygienic design standards as well as the relevant legal regulations, such as EG (Reg.) 1935/2004, FDA, 3-A® Sanitary Standards, GB 4806 and GB 9685. Additionally, the avoidance of aroma transfer plays an important role.

Related Products

Beige colored radial shaft seal with integrated stainless steel part.

Radial Shaft Seals

The experts at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies develop special radial shaft seal designs that are tailored to the requirements of the food and beverage industry. Examples are the Radiamatic® HTS II, the Simmerring® BlueSeal or the Simmerring® B2PT. As the product media only come into direct contact with high-performance materials, such as PTFE and Fluoroprene® XP, they are well suited for use in aggressive media or with high temperatures. Some of them even meet the hygienic design standards.

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3D representation of a black clamp seal from FST

Clamp Seals

Clamp seals are the ideal sealing element for flange connections in continuously operated systems. The portfolio of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies includes standardized and close to norm clamp seals “made in Europe” that offer you an easy and safe pipe connection. They are available in five premium materials that comply with international legal regulations. Additionally, they are reusable after opening the connection, offer a very good elasticity, easy installation and many other advantages.

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Black round O-ring.


O-rings are used as universal sealing elements in almost all applications and offer an excellent price-performance ratio. At Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, O-rings can be manufactured in all elastomer materials, such as 70 EPDM 291, 75 Fluoroprene® XP 41 or 75 Simriz® 494. These have all relevant approvals for the food and beverage industry. In addition to round O-rings, oval, rectangular, semicircular and x-shaped cross-sections are also possible.

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Black round washer with integrated stainless steel part in the middle.

Hygienic Product Line

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies developed a unique product portfolio that is tailored to the high purity requirements of the process industry. This includes various sealing solutions, like for example the Hygienic Usit®, dead-space-free radial seals, the Radiamatic® HTS II 9539 VL or aseptic O-rings.
A special highlight is the Hygienic Pressure Seal made of a combination of Fluoroprene® XP or EPDM and PTFE Quantum® that prevents dead spaces thanks to a flat contact surface to the process medium.

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Diaphragm in black optics from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.


As flexible sealing elements diaphragms are used to regulate and switch with the help of pressure. In order to perfectly match the requirements of the food and beverage industry and to vary the diaphragm’s performance, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is able to design customized diaphragms with fabric reinforcements, metal inserts, foil layers or other adaptions. The premium materials, such as 70 EPDM 291 or Fluoroprene® XP offer a very good media resistance as well as a long service life.

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Round tube with six layers, that are alternating colored in white and brown.

V-Seal Set Packings

V-seal set packings are suitable for use in different applications with translatory motion or slow rotational movement, such as parts of mixers or the spindles of regulation valves. The portfolio of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies covers all relevant applications and their requirements – from high temperatures and pressures to aggressive chemicals. V-seal set packings can either be standardized or customized and are a good alternative to stuffing box packings.

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Highlight Materials

Fluoroelastomers for the Food and Beverage Industry

Composing of two round O-rings in blue and black.

In order to preserve the unique taste of food and beverages, it is important to prevent aroma transfer. This occurs when different beverages or liquid foods pass through the same bottling line, one after the other. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ allrounder material Fluoroprene® XP solves the issue. It absorbs only a little fraction of the flavoring without releasing it and guarantees that foods and beverages retain their original flavor. Product examples are O-rings, customized parts, diaphragms, clamp seals, Hygienic Usit® rings and machined seals.

Another fluoroelastomer that is especially suitable for the food and beverage industry is 75 FKM 239961. It is peroxidic cross-linked, which complies with the latest regulations for sealing materials with direct product contact. It offers a very good media resistance and high purity. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies currently offers O-rings made of 75 FKM 239961. In the future customized solutions will also be possible.

EPDM as High-Performance Material for CIP/SIP Processes

Composing of two round black seals – a clamp seal and an O-ring.

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene rubber) can be used for almost all sealing products and is one of the most-used sealing materials in the food and beverage industry. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ premium EPDM family (60 EPDM 290, 70 EPDM 291 and 85 EPDM 292) is perfectly suitable for a wide range of O-rings, customized parts and diaphragms within the food and beverage production.

The materials perform especially well in CIP/SIP media. This was also proven with a benchmark study of 70 EPDM 291 compared to two competitor materials. Here it became clear that 70 EPDM 291 shows very good resistance to the CIP/SIP media and the associated demanding conditions (e.g. in steam up to 180°C/356°F).

At the same time the three materials are able to withstand different product media, from beer wort to fatty chocolate and various beverages. Additionally, they comply with the relevant legal regulations, like for example EG (Reg.) 1935/2004, FDA or 3-A® Sanitary Standards.

Food Conforming Materials for Global Use

Composing of four round seals in different colors – beige, black, transparent and blue.

Since 2016 China has its own legal requirements for the food and beverage industry that differ from the US and EU regulations. As both the migration tests and the approved raw materials are not the same, the complexity of finding a material for global use gets high. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers special sealing materials that comply not only with the new Chinese standards, GB 4806 and GB 9685, but also with other global regulations, such as FDA, EG (Reg.) 1935/2004 and EU (Reg.) 10/2011. This portfolio contains different EPDM variants, silicones, PTFE compounds, Polyamide and Polyethylene. The EPDM materials are available for O-rings and customized parts, the silicones are available as O-rings, diaphragms and customized parts and the plastics are available as support rings. Some of the materials can also be machined with our Freudenberg Xpress® service.

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