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Legal Notice

Freudenberg FST GmbH

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District Court of Mannheim, HRB 736340

Board of Management:

  • Claus Möhlenkamp (Chief Executive Officer - CEO)
  • Ludger Neuwinger-Heimes
  • Matthias Andres

Chairman of the Supervisory Board: 

Dr. Tilman Krauch

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Freudenberg FST GmbH, Weinheim

The use and reproduction of text, images or video from this website is only permitted with the express prior consent of Freudenberg FST GmbH.

We constantly update and monitor the content of this website. We are neither liable for nor guarantee the timeliness, correctness, and completeness of the published information, pictures and video.

This also applies to those websites for which we have provided hyperlinks. Freudenberg FST GmbH is not responsible for the content of these websites


All information within our E-Catalog that is integrated into our website is based on experience. It represents the current state of our knowledge. The sealing effect, however, is not provided solely by the component. Indeed, in specific applications, this effect depends on other parameters such as installation position, contact area, pressure applied, operating temperature, media to be sealed, lubrication, vibration effects and any ingress of dirt. These and other unknown factors can have a significant effect on the seals in practical use.

Against this background, general statements on the operation of the products in our E-Catalog are not possible. Information in our E-Catalog only represents recommended values. We therefore recommend to discuss specific applications with our advisory service. Trials on reliability are often indispensable. In the context of product optimization, we reserve the right to change, without prior notice, the product range, production sites, products and their manufacturing process, as well as the information provided in our E-Catalog.

Any previous information within the E-Catalog becomes invalid once an update of the information in the E-Catalog takes place. Duplication of this catalog in any form requires the express written approval from Freudenberg FST GmbH, 69465 Weinheim, Germany. 


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