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Hydraulic Accumulators

Hydraulic Accumulators

How do Hydraulic Accumulators function? Piston, Oil, Gas, Bladder Accumulators

A hydraulic accumulator is a pressure vessel that performs many tasks in a hydraulic system. They are used to maintain pressure, store and recapture energy, reduce pressure peaks, power chassis suspensions, and dampen shock, vibration and pulsations.

Under gas pressure, accumulators store a volume of fluid that can be re-fed into the hydraulic system when it is needed. With a rise in pressure within the hydraulic system, the hydraulic accumulator collects the pressure fluid. The result: The gas is compressed. If the pressure falls, the compressed gas expands again and forces the stored fluid into the hydraulic circuit.

A very wide angle view of a massive off-highway dump truck on a large construction site

The Advantages

  • Energy efficiency
  • High operating reliability and long service lives
  • Fast reactions in hydraulic circuits
  • A complete range of hydraulic accumulators form a single source
  • Accumulators with in-house sealing and diaphragm development that are optimized for the particular application
  • Independent component manufacturer 

Diaphragm Accumulators

Designed for the most challenging applications that demand lightweight and high-strength performance, our diaphragm accumulators come in a variety of materials, seal types, and configurations. Our Diaphragm Accumulators offer exceptional functional reliability and durability, and expand versatile application areas with operating pressures up to 350 bar.

Freudenberg meets your application challenges by providing accumulators that cover wide temperature ranges and deliver longer service life.

  • Welded Diaphragm Accumulators 66-plus 67-minus

    Our welded Diaphragm Accumulators are available as refillable and closed versions with pressures of up to 350 bar.

  • Light Weight Diaphragm Accumulators 66-plus 67-minus

    Light Weight Diaphragm Accumulators made with aluminum shells are designed with a complete new and innovative assembly concept, using electromagnetic pulse technology. The significantly reduced weight opens up new opportunities for different applications.

Piston Accumulators

The wide variety and versatility of our Piston Accumulators allows their use in over 90% of all potential applications. Proven durability and performance deliver a solution with extreme high longevity.

From volumes of a few cubic inches to high pressures and volumes, the piston-type hydro-pneumatic accumulator can meet the diverse needs of industry with standard or custom designs, a comprehensive selection of gas and fluid connections, and a wide range of materials, seal types, and configurations.

  • Welded Piston Accumulators 66-plus 67-minus

    Our welded Piston Accumulator are available as refillable and closed versions.

  • Threaded Piston Accumulator 66-plus 67-minus

    Our Threaded Piston Accumulator are completely repairable and refillable, which offers a great flexibility.

  • Weight Reduced Piston Accumulators 66-plus 67-minus

    Weight reduced piston accumulators are made with a plastic piston, made out of a high strength thermosetting composite material. The especially developed plastic piston owns the same high gas durability as the steel piston.

Bladder Accumulators

Constructed of high-strength, seamless, steel shells, our Bladder Accumulators provide a quick response to fluid system demands while combating extreme pressure. Utilized for a wide variety of applications we strive to meet the challenges of your application by providing Bladder Accumulators that cover wide temperature ranges and provide longer service life. Available in a variety of industry standard capacities and pressures, our bladder-type accumulator excels at absorbing system shocks and pulsations, especially those of high frequency/low modulation.

  • Bladder Accumulators 66-plus 67-minus

    Our Bladder Accumulators are available in a large variety of different sizes and are completely repairable.

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    Accumulators Brochure

    Hydraulic accumulators are devices in which potential energy is stored in the form of a compressed gas to be used to exert a force against a relatively incompressible fluid.

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    Piston Accumulators EU Standard Range

    Hydraulic accumulators support the oil-hydraulics within an exceptionally wide spectrum of applications, where it is particularly important to ensure that the correct configuration of hydraulic accumulator is specified according to different design requirements.

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    Diaphragm Accumulators EU Standard Range

    In Diaphragm Accumulators the hydraulic fluid is separated from the gas by a diaphragm.

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  • Solutions Sheets 66-plus 67-minus


    Light Weight Accumulators

    Standard diaphragm accumulators effectively handle high pressures, but are typically heavy and their complex design increases manufacturing costs. Our new Light Weight Accumulators utilize a simplified design, light weight materials, and improved processes to provide a compact, economical accumulator option for certain applications.

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    Linear Compensator

    The Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Linear Compensator is a self contained unit (component integration) with fewer system components, fewer connections, and low permeation.

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    Diaphragm Accumulators

    Diaphragm Accumulators by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies are designed for industrial and mobile equipment applications that demand lightweight, high-strength performance.

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    Bladder Accumulator

    Widely used and accepted in global industry, the bladder type is available with a variety of optional port connections and anticorrosive coatings, both externally and internally.

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    Lightweight Aluminium Diaphragm Accumulators

    Soluions Sheet

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    Hydraulic Piston Accumulator

    The Freudenberg Hydraulic Piston Accumulator consists of two components: a gas chamber and a fluid chamber, with a gas-proof piston seal separating the components.

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    Industry Piston Accumulator

    In modern accumulators the hydraulic fluid is separated from the gas by a piston, a diaphragm or a rubber bladder. Today, machines with hydraulic drives would be unthinkable without these hydraulic accumulators.

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    Diaphragm Accumulators (EU)

    Diaphragm accumulators model numbers EU standard range

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    Piston Accumulators (US)

    Piston accumulators model numbers US standard range

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    Bladder Accumulators (US)

    Bladder accumulators model numbers US standard range

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    Operating Instructions

  • Operating Instructions 66-plus 67-minus


    Operating Instruction Diaphragm Accumulator

    Technical Manual - Operating Instruction Diaphragm Accumulator

    English | PDF | 1609 KB

    Operating & Maintenance Safety Guides – Download Here

  • Accumulator Operating & Maintenance Safety Guides 66-plus 67-minus


    Accumulator Operations & Maintenance Instructions

    Read all instructions prior to installation and operating to avoid possible injury.

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    Nitrogen Pre-Charging Instructions for Tobul Accumulators

    Read all instructions prior to installation and operating to avoid possible injury.

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    Basic Safety Information For Accumulators

    This document offers safety information about accumulators for your consideration and guidance when exposed to this product.

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