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Blue welded TPU seal on white background with wavy pattern

Welded Seals

The Optimal Complement to Machined Seals

Extruded or machined seal profiles serve as a basis for welded seals. The high-quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) profiles are available in nearly every dimension, up to a diameter of 20 meters or even more.

Blue gasket is welded on a metallic surface by a machine

Benefit From Our Competencies for Welded Seals

  • Original Freudenberg materials
  • Advanced and automated production process
  • Specially developed welding technology makes high-quality seams possible
  • Very large dimensions available
  • Long lifetime and outstanding mechanical properties even at the weld seam

Our Quality and Service Promise Based on Modern Manufacturing Processes and Premium Materials

Our welding technology is an outstanding solution especially for industries that require very large sealing profiles of highest quality. Welded seals from Freudenberg Xpress® show numerous advantages compared to other solutions on the market. Highest precision and quality adhesives are just some of those advantages. Therefore, our welded seals stand out for their high-quality welded seams which guarantees the very good technical characteristics, media resistance and high durability.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Discover the process from the first sealing need to the finished product made by Freudenberg Xpress®

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