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Trainee Program

Trainee Program

Real World Experience

The FST Trainee Program offers an excellent entry opportunity for ambitious graduates from various fields of expertise. We are looking for open minded talents with first practical experiences who will commit to long term growth and development within our organization. Our 18 month program offers the right position for you in the professional field you would like to pursue with the opportunity to take over responsibility right from the start. You will work on diverse and meaningful tasks. The Trainee Program focuses on one of the following functions:


As a trainee in the Procurement department you will acquire skills and capabilities in all of the relevant topic areas like direct and indirect procurement, capital assets, and development of material and suppliers. Working at the interface between Procurement and other relevant areas like Supply Chain Management will complement your skills and knowledge.

What does the FST Trainee Program look like?

The Trainee Locations. Please klick for a better view.

Once you have attended the onboarding days in your regional headquarters together with other trainees at the beginning of the program, you will work in manufacturing for two weeks to learn more about FST’s product portfolio. Afterwards you will start working on your own projects which are designed for 3-5 months.

For at least one of these projects you will travel to one of our locations abroad, which will provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable personal experiences. Furthermore, you will be able to start building your international network at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.

As your personal as well as your professional development are really important to us, you as a Trainee are part of our Talent Management right from the beginning.

You will also participate in different activities with regard to networking and career coaching. In addition, we support you by giving feedback on a regular basis, a structured exchange with other trainees that helps you to learn together and from each other, and an advisor who will provide you with guidance throughout the whole program.

After you have successfully completed the Trainee Program, you will work in a subsequent position in your relevant department of the organization.

Timeline Application Process

Take advantage of this tremendous opportunity with exceptional career advancement benefits:

FST Career
  • Seize the opportunity to obtain valuable skills and knowledge in various departments of the organization and to work on exciting projects in the course of the Trainee Program.
  • Experience hands-on learning under real conditions.
  • Develop capabilities that are relevant for your future.
  • Create a lifelong network of peers.
  • Have unique opportunities to work abroad.
  • Contribute in a meaningful way.

What does the ideal candidate for the FST Trainee Program have to offer:

  • You should have a university degree which is relevant for the department that you would like to work in.
  • You should have some practical experience, e.g. through previous internships.
  • You should be globally mobile and interested in completing an 18-month program at different FST locations.
  • You should be able to identify with the Freudenberg Guiding Principles.
  • You intend to pursue your career at FST even after you have completed the Trainee Program.

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