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Pharmaceutical Industry in Transition – Digital Pharma Dialog Promotes Exchange of Knowledge

Rarely have times in the pharmaceutical industry been as dynamic as they are today. But what are the issues that concern the decision-makers in the technical departments? To answer that question, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) and the Mühlberger Group invited participants to a virtual exchange of experiences at the end of last year. Mühlberger is, among other things, a supplier and service provider of components for use in pharmaceutical technology, has an excellent network in the industry and has been a strategic partner of FST since 2019.

Last year, the FST team had already planned a specially organized event to promote the exchange of knowledge within the industry in the German-speaking DACH region and to come into contact with decision-makers from technical departments in the pharmaceutical industry. Nevertheless, the pandemic made holding a face-to-face event impossible, and an alternative was needed. It was found in the use of the new virtual FST showroom, which visually replicates the company headquarters in Weinheim, and the professional “film studio” equipped with green-screen technology from the FST Academy.

On two afternoons that addressed different topics, speakers from the two host companies and four other cooperation partners presented technical developments, in terms of streamlining processes and digitalization of operating procedures, for instance. “The main focuses of the FST presentations were on the standardization of elastomer grades for use in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the various services we offer our customers,” explains Nicole Schneider, Vice President Global Process Industry. “We also presented our new virtual tour of the Freudenberg raw mixing plant live for the first time.” An absolute highlight – and at the same time an ideal opportunity to give participants exclusive insights into the heart of FST in a digital format as well.

“Thanks to these new technical possibilities, we were able to develop an innovative digital event concept that lived up to our event slogan ‘Innovative. Interactive. Inspiring.’ and impressed the participants,” says Sina Etter, Marketing Manager for the Process Industry in Germany, visibly satisfied. “The new format is transferable to other events. This gives us a professional event concept for communicating with our customers and business partners,” Etter adds.

And who knows, maybe a new edition of the Pharma Dialog can be held this year – whether live or digitally.

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