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Sealing and Storage Solutions for Use in Fluid Technology and Handling, Power Generation and Transmission

We are experts when it comes to the generation, storage and transmission of power and energy in the most diverse fields and applications of industrial technology. This involves industrial engines and transmissions, pumps, cylinders, valves and actuators, brake systems, axles, wheel hubs and tire pressure control systems. It is all about pressure-, temperature- and media-resistant, efficient, reliable and durable sealing solutions and accumulators. Both standard and special tailor-made solutions that meet every requirement. All from a single source: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.

Fluid Sealing Products

Sealing Solutions for Efficient Pumping

Pumps transport fluids. According to their functional principle, they are divided into two basic categories: positive displacement pumps, which include rotor, vacuum, diaphragm, piston and plumber pumps, and axial, radial and diagonal centrifugal pumps. The latter are often referred to as flow pumps.

For all these pump types, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is the leading market specialist for their seals. We offer pump manufacturers modern Simmerrings® for a wide range of pressures and temperatures, as well as homogeneous, fabric- and fiber-reinforced diaphragms, media-resistant O-rings, flat and plate seals, usit rings and a large number of customer-specific precision molded parts. 

The basis for this is formed by sealing materials developed and manufactured in-house. In terms of pressure, temperature and media resistance, durability and efficiency, they meet the high demands and economic expectations of pump manufacturers.

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Fully Under Control 

Valves and actuators control the flow or pressure of fluids inside a system. Depending on the branch of industry and the intended use, their range extends from water to corrosive chemicals and radioactive substances. The safety and stability of the entire process always depend on the reliability of the sealing system.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers a unique range of high-quality sealing solutions for valves and actuators, including valve seats, diaphragms, solenoid armatures, O-rings and other specialty seals and precision molded parts. In addition to the seal design, high resistance to a wide range of aggressive media is particularly important in fluid handling. We offer the ideal material mixtures for every application, including high-quality materials such as FFKM, EPDM, PTFE and polyurethane

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Freudenberg Sealing Technologies configures diaphragms made of different components especially for diaphragm pumps and valves. The perfect balance between flexibility and compressive strength is ensured by the ideal combination of an elastomer designed to meet the requirements and the appropriate fabric reinforcement. TPU diaphragms, for example, are characterized by extremely high wear resistance. On the opposite side of the diaphragm, media-resistant protective films, usually made of PTFE, ensure maintenance-free durability and long operating times, whether in slurry pumps or control valves.  

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Magnetic Armature

Magnetic armatures are precision-formed elastomer composite parts. They are available in a wide variety of versions for different applications with various coatings. Among other things, they meet the high requirements of solenoid valves. Thanks to Reduced Friction by Nanotechnology (RFN) technology, solenoid armatures from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have a low adhesion tendency even with short switching times. They show no functional losses even after more than 700 million switching cycles.

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Reduced Friction by Nanotechnology (RFN) 

The friction and sticking tendency of elastomer materials can impair the functionality of seals, increase wear and reduce service life. Valve seals and diaphragms for fluid technology from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies benefit from Reduced Friction by Nanotechnology (RFN) technology. With this surface treatment process, the adhesive effects in solenoid valves can be permanently reduced. RFN technology reduces coefficients of friction and adhesive forces, saving installation space and energy. The sealing characteristics of the elastomer are not affected and the elastic properties are retained.

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