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Foundation of Modern Buildings

Sealing Solutions for Efficient Building Technology

Construction is underway all over the world. In China, Dubai and North America, rows of new skyscrapers are growing into the sky. Depending on their purpose, they offer living space and jobs for millions. Single-family homes are being built in suburbs, production halls and business premises in commercial areas.

Innovative sealing technology is in demand everywhere: for heating and cooling, for water and energy supply, for passenger and freight elevators and much more. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies knows the trends in building technology and understands the technical requirements and different regional legal requirements and specifications. As a leading market and technology specialist in sealing technology, we offer a wide range of customized sealing solutions to manufacturers of building systems.

Close up of chainsaw cutting wooden tree trunk

Sealing Solutions for Power Tools

Power for Your Workmanship

No matter whether it’s a rotary hammer, a grinding machine, a chain saw, a high-pressure cleaner or a lawn mower. No matter whether it’s powered by electricity, petrol or compressed air. No matter whether the power is wired or wireless.

Sealing solutions and components from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies always help make work with power-driven tools easier, faster and safer. Thanks to their unique material and design expertise, they combine maximum performance with long service life and service life in a wear-resistant, heat-resistant, PAH-compliant and cost-efficient manner. This benefits companies and specialists in trade, construction and industry as well as ambitious DIY enthusiasts.

Depending on the requirement, there is the option of a very wear-resistant HNBR with different hardness (application at higher temperature of 120˚C-150˚C). Furthermore, this material has very good bumping properties.

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Close up of a worker with jackhammer on a cement base

Reducing, Integrating, Optimizing

Reduce weight, size and cost. Integrate multiple functions into one part. Optimize ergonomics. Maximize speed, performance and durability. Guarantee global availability.

The demands placed on all types of power tools, from electric cordless screwdrivers to gasoline-powered lawn tractors, are constantly growing. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has the development and technology expertise, innovative strength and global presence to offer industry-, region-specific and customized solutions. Completely independent of the drive technology of the tool.

Solutions for Power Tools Batteries

Discover the power of battery technology for outdoor work with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. Our innovative sealing solutions protect the battery housing from dust, dirt and moisture, while our 2K design adds an extra layer of safety and simplifies customer assembly. For lithium-ion batteries, our thermally conductive high-performance plastic holders enhance thermal management and give you more power, faster charge speed and longer run times.

The Products in Detail



The DIAvent® product portfolio offers a spectrum of solutions including bidirectional pressure equalization, emergency degassing during a worst-case scenario – the thermal runaway of a cell. Click here for more information.

Thermally Conductive Plastic Battery Holder

Thermally Coductive Plastic Battery Holder

Our proprietary High Performance Plastic solution can deliver a high heat transfer coefficient to improve thermal management, allowing more power, faster charging and longer run time

Active Thermal Sleeves

Active Thermal Sleeves

Our heat shields thermally isolate neighboring cells to prevent or slow thermal propagation in case of a cell thermal runaway

2K Housing

2K Housing

Tolerance compensation during temperature fluctuations. Housings with seals integrated into the cover in a 2K design serve a greater purpose than just static sealing. A component with a permanent injection-molded seal is more suitable for automatic final assembly, therefore yielding additional efficiency potential.

Battery Gasket


Preventing intrusion of dust, dirt, salt and water into the battery housing, a large elastomeric gasket seals the entire perimeter of the housing cover and assists in containing thermal events. Smaller elastomeric gaskets seal access panels for components such as temperature control systems that optimize battery performance.

Constructional Powertools

Overcoming the toughest resistances with penetrating power, whether it’s made of concrete or stone: With seals and molded elastomeric parts from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, drilling and demolition hammers are in the best hands. Robust and wear-resistant, they ensure 100% performance and a long service life for drilling, chiseling, tearing and removal. With the aid of first-class, PAH-compliant sealing materials developed and manufactured in-house.

More information can be found in the “Related Documents” section down below.

A stack of blue and black sealing rings that fit into each other

Powertools for Forest and Garden

Sealing Solutions from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies keep your power garden tools running reliably and efficiently. From chainsaws to lawn mowers or robotic mowers, our products have been tested and proven to provide long-lasting performance. With our solutions, you can be sure that your power tools will work perfectly for years to come.

An increasing demand for more power and less CO2 emissions require a sealing partner with a large product offering compatible with most ethanol-based fuels and a wide variety of lubricants.

Pressure Cleaners and Spray Guns Applications

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