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Car & Automotive Seals

Leading The Market In More Than Just Sealing

Mobility is changing and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ Automotive segment is moving in stride with it. As an already established market leader in the industry technology, quality and service segments, our expertise now positions us to produce innovative, and cutting-edge products. These new products, ranging from fuel cell components to EMI shielding plastics, will help shape the future adoption of developing propulsion systems, ranging from passenger vehicles to trucks to buses. Whether it’s fuel cell, battery electric, hybrid or conventional combustion technology, join all of the major automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide that are already innovating together with us!

FST E-Mobility

Passenger Car

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) Automotive, a market leader in the auto industry’s technology, quality and service segments, offers a diverse portfolio of products to all the major automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

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Truck & Bus

Truck & Bus

We are a supplier to all the major vehicle manufacturers worldwide, whether our contribution is an individual, standard engine seal or a component system developed to meet a particular requirement. You always receive parts of the highest quality as well as comprehensive expertise.

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Benefits of Using Automotive Oil Seals

Because many fluids are present inside an automotive system, automotive oil seals are very helpful. They help prevent leakages and separate harmful liquids from the other fluids. In an automotive system, one can never want to have the other fluids mix with each other. Hence, the use of automotive oil seal is indeed very important to ensure that there is no mixtures of the harmful chemicals inside the engine. The best part of these oils is that they are available at affordable price tags.

The main job of automotive oil seals is to provide protection for the motor components. These components include the radiator, vacuum system, carburetor and other engine components. With the help of these seals, the fluids will be prevented from mixing together and thus, this will prevent the formation of harmful mixtures. It is true that many manufacturers had produced different kinds of automotive oil seal. However, there is only one market leader and that is Freundberg Sealing Technologies GmbH & Co.

The main difference of these oils from the other manufacturers are the prices. Since there are only a few manufacturers in the market who produce automotive oil seals, there are some producers who do not provide the best quality in their products. This is why there are some suppliers who offer the best quality car oil seals at affordable prices with the flexibility and speed to customize automotive seals to all specifications required. Therefore, it is always wise to select the supplier who offers the best quality car oil seals with the best services, tailored to your needs. 

In Charge


As one of the world’s leading partner to the automotive industry, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is working on the automotive future.

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