Special Sealing Products


Special Sealing Products

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FST Forseals


Forseal seals from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies are groove-ring-like seals for pistons and rods that can be pressurized on one side.

FST Precision Molded Parts

Precision Molded Parts

Precision Molded Parts consist wholly of elastomer materials and offer high precision, tight dimensional tolerances and high surface quality.

FST Butterfly Valve Seal

Butterfly Valve Seals

Hygienic and functionally secure even after countless switching operations.

FST Caps


Sealing Caps from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies provide the secure sealing of round borings in housings and are available in a great many different versions.

FST Special Seals Spezialdichtungen Stopfbuchspackungen Stuffing Box Packings

Stuffing Box Packings

So-called Stuffing Box Packings have been tried-and-tested for extremely high temperatures and chemical resistance in pump and valve applications.

FST Special Seals Spezialdichtungen Encoder


Together with an appropriate sensor, Multipole Encoders provide for the precise measurement of speed and rotation angle for several applications in the automotive and general industry.

FST Plug and Seal

Plug & Seal

Plug & Seal connectors are pipe sections that are rubberized on their exterior surfaces, with two sealing beads and shock absorbers.

FST Boots


Single- and multiple-convolution boots are protective seals for socket joints, ball joints and articulated shafts.

FST Diaphragms


Diaphragms may be used in an array of applications, including pumps, actuators, hydro-accumulators, valves, and regulators.