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Speaker Surrounds

Speaker Surrounds

Dispersed Fiber Speaker Surrounds: Enhancing Your Speaker Experience

Speaker Surrounds

At Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, we've pioneered a groundbreaking approach to crafting fabric-reinforced diaphragms through Dispersed Fiber Technology (DFT). This innovative method disperses fibers within the rubber compound, enabling the molding of intricate shapes in a single press, resulting in remarkable strength in all directions and enhanced flexibility and durability.

In the realm of premium sound systems, precision sound is the hallmark of an audiophile's journey. DFT brings remarkable advantages to these systems, elevating listening quality and longevity. When you choose Freudenberg Sealing Technologies' DFT for your speaker surrounds, you unlock a world of inherent benefits.

Our speaker surrounds stand strong against environmental factors and aging, reducing material stress and minimizing noise distortion in the base and mid-ranges. We customize these surrounds to your exact specifications, from initial drawings to full-scale production, resulting in high-quality speakers that deliver harmonious sound across the entire frequency spectrum.

While most speaker surround manufacturers rely on nitrile rubber (NBR) or foam, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has raised the bar in audio material technology. By incorporating dispersed fibers into our rubber base materials, such as NBR, HNBR, or SBR, and reinforcing them with DFT, we extend your speaker's range, from the deep bass of a subwoofer to the crisp highs of a tweeter. We collaborate closely with our customers to achieve the exact sound signature you desire.

How a Speaker Works: A Quick Overview

A speaker functions by transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy, which compresses air and converts the motion into sound energy or sound pressure level. Most speakers are comprised of permanent magnets, voice coils, bobbins, spiders or suspensions, cones or diaphragms, dust caps, speaker baskets, surrounds, speaker terminals, and braided wires that all work together to produce sound.

Why Speaker Surrounds Matter

Speaker Surrounds

The speaker surround is a critical component in the quality and consistency of the listener's enjoyment. Typically, they are composed of flexible materials like foam, rubber, or synthetic polymer, designed to absorb and dissipate vibrations generated by the speaker cone's movement. When the speaker cone moves back and forth, it creates pressure waves that travel through the air and into our ears, but this movement also generates vibrations that can cause unwanted resonances and distortions.

The speaker surround functions as a suspension component, flexing and deforming as the speaker cone moves back and forth, absorbing some of the energy of the vibrations. The damping effect of the surround is intended to reduce unwanted resonances and distortions, resulting in a cleaner and more accurate sound regardless of environment.

Different materials and designs can be utilized for speaker surrounds, each with its own unique properties and characteristics. The choice of surround material and design will depend on factors such as the intended use of the speaker and desired sound quality.

The Impact of Freudenberg Speaker Surrounds on the Listening Experience

 Blue sealing ring next to a Dynamic Mechanical Analysis diagram.

Freudenberg uses a combination of material technology expertise, dynamic mechanical analysis, and precision manufacturing to develop the optimal damping material and mold the speaker surround to exacting tolerances to enhance the listening experience.

Freudenberg's speaker surrounds incorporate Dispersed Fiber Technology (DFT), which provides reinforcement for rubber speaker surrounds during high-volume moments, reducing localized strain on the surround and contributing to less perceived noise distortion. Thanks to DFT, Freudenberg speaker surrounds offer exceptional damping effects that do not compromise quality whether the listener is indoors or outdoors.

Your Benefits with Freudenberg Speaker Surrounds

  • Enhanced Speaker Performance:

    Speaker surrounds play a crucial role in securing speaker components to the external cabinet, reducing strain, vibration, and distortion. This results in improved overall speaker performance.

  • Perfect for Premium Sound Systems:

    In premium sound systems, where precision sound is a must for audiophiles, the quality of speaker surrounds is paramount. DFT technology offers substantial advantages, including enhanced listening quality and increased durability.

  • Resilience in Challenging Conditions:

    Speaker surrounds molded using Freudenberg Sealing Technologies' DFT are designed to withstand environmental elements and aging. They minimize strain on the material and reduce perceived noise distortion in the base and mid-ranges, ensuring resilience even in challenging conditions.

  • Tailored to Your Needs:

    Our speaker surrounds are uniquely tailored to your specifications, from initial drawings to full production. This customization ensures that you receive high-quality speakers that harmonize sound seamlessly across the entire frequency range of your application.

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