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Dynamic Seals

Dynamic Seals

Dynamic seals are used in applications with motion between the hardware component and the sealing solution. The motion can be rotary, translatory, reciprocating or oscillating. Effective dynamic seals need to maintain a balance between the sealing force, minimize the friction and furthermore prevent leakage.

Universally Resistant U-Ring Seals

High Functional Reliability and Uniquely Wide Temperature Range

U-rings are used to seal translational and rotating movements against aggressive media and pressures. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, they are mainly employed in ball valves, flanges, swivel joints, valves, pumps and fittings.


What is a U-Cup Seal?

U-cups are a lip seal, named for the cross-section’s distinctive “U” shape. They are used for both dynamic and static applications. The “U” shape energizes the sealing lips as the application pressure increases. This brilliant design has been modified to create several unique configurations. These modifications provide additional benefits for a variety of applications. The U-cups designs listed below are Hi-Tech Seals’ most common designs.


The classic u-ring has a “u” shape, is equipped with a u-shaped metal spring and is made of pure PTFE. Depending on the application, there are numerous variations available, including carbon- or glass-fiber-reinforced PTFE.

The contact pressure can be varied based on the spring selected, and u-, v-, and o-shaped springs are possible. The u-ring can be manufactured as either an axially or radially functional element – meaning with a inwardly or outwardly directed sealing function.

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