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European Chemicals Agency PFAS Restriction Proposal

On March 22, 2023, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published a restriction proposal for all per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) substances, which had been submitted by the responsible authorities of five EU member states. The proposal foresees the ban of manufacturing, use and sale (including import into the EU) of all PFAS substances, which does include all fluoropolymers such as FKM and PTFE.
3D Animation - PFAS

Impact on Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

As part of the evaluation of the restriction proposal, a six-month public consultation period has also started on March 22, 2023. This gives all affected parties the opportunity to provide the ECHA with further information on scientific and socio-economic factors of their proposal such as financial impact on companies, innovative capacity, and employment. Based on this feedback, specific exemptions, further time-limited derogations and longer transition periods could be included in the declarations of the ECHA on the restriction proposal. Those declarations will be forwarded to the European Commission serving as a valuation basis for the legislative process.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies uses fluoropolymers as base materials for some of their sealing products. Therefore—as for all players in the industry and operating in a variety of markets--a broad restriction of fluoropolymers as proposed to ECHA would significantly impact the company’s business

At the current point of time, the development and evaluation of alternatives and the participation in the stakeholder consultation is of utmost importance for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. The company will continue to be a reliable business partner for their customers and a responsible corporate citizen to the society, today and in the future:

  • It actively engages in relevant industry associations and participate in the stakeholder consultation on socio-economic impacts. All customers were asked to assess the extent to which their business could be affected by the proposed ban. They also have the possibility to get involved with associations and raise their voice during the consultation phase.
  • It will continue to serve their customer’s needs while complying with all legal requirements and acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Although the evaluation of the restriction proposal is currently ongoing, the review of alternatives for sealing solutions is in full swing.

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