Future Files – The Sequel

In the year 2048, an investigator encounters a death that seems suspicious. But the artificial Intelligence system in the police computer has a different opinion. A film about digitalization and other future trends as the kickoff for our second “Future Files” article series.

In this space more than a year ago, a blogger named Nero and a police detective, Inspector Lee, began exploring the year 2045 in our “Future Files” article series. Along with other characters, they led us into a world where cities trap more CO2 than they emit, vehicles repair themselves after accidents, and large factories produce goods using 3D printing. Like any predictions of the future, much of the series was a kind of thought experiment combined with the extrapolation of current developments. But risk is part of daily life for an entrepreneur, as are strategies for the future and a company’s vision. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is interested in the future. After all, it is our future as well.
The company started out as a tannery and later began making leather seals and ultimately today’s high-performance plastics. This history has taught us how important it is to look ahead. Innovation has a great deal to do with recognizing trends at the right time.

A Team for the Second Season

Dear readers, our 15 episodes have proven to be interesting and you’ve given them a great response. That’s one more reason we decided to produce a sequel. Starting today, Nero and Lee are exploring the world once again. While the two main characters largely lived parallel lives in the first season, their paths actually cross in the second. We can tell you this much: The inspector and the blogger are investigating a crime that forces the protagonists to grapple with the world around them and its trends with even greater urgency than in the earlier case. You learn the exact matter at hand in a small short film at the kickoff. Then six text episodes follow on our website. The criminal case ties the episodes together, but they can also be read individually. Among other things, they deal with artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and the future of urban life.

Keeping a Close Eye on the Future

In his very first chapters the short crime thriller, Inspector Lee had already shown himself to be a resolute yet thoughtful investigator with a good measure of skepticism about newfangled trends. In coming episodes, his mental state will certainly be put to the test since he at times seems to have landed in the wrong era – thanks to the advances of 2048. Meanwhile, as usual, Nero, the curious and open-minded blogger, wanders into great peril…

Of course, we’re also inviting you to browse through the first season’s chapters again. Raise the curtain!

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