Umut Kocur
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Umut Kocur
Product Marketing & Engineering Manager

"Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is a company that really allows you to experience the history and the future at the same time."

An Interview with Umut Kocur, Product Marketing & Engineering Manager at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies in Bursa, Turkey.

In about five sentences, please give us an overview of your job at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies?

I work for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies at the plant in Bursa, Turkey. I am responsible for leading a team of engineers as they plan and coordinate the launch of bearing seals. The Bursa plant is a strong production partner and which supports different product groups like radial shaft seals, encoders, and heavy-duty industrial seals. We have a strong organizational link to our dedicated lead center, which requires excellent collaboration with many colleagues from different countries and cultures. We always have international projects to manage and deadlines to meet. Therefore, I focus on assigning responsibility, scheduling tasks, and tracking the process of obtaining alternative resources when we face an issue.

Umut Kocur

What makes working with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies different from other companies or teams you’ve worked with?

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is a company that really allows you to experience the history and the future at the same time. A multinational and global company, Freudenberg has existed for almost 170 years, which is greater than the age of some countries in the world! Additionally, Freudenberg is highly interested in modern technological advancements that can spur new innovative products. This allows us to compete across multiple different businesses, and develop a wide range of products in various industries. When we feel it is time to look for new challenges and experiences, Freudenberg gives us plenty of opportunities to do so – in different industries, and sometimes even on a different continent!

Why did you decide you wanted to work here?

Freudenberg is a reputable company in the automotive and general industries. Its name is well known across the world. Freudenberg has always been particularly far-reaching, which made it utterly compelling and trustworthy to me. Similar to the veins of a leaf, there are various canals through which information spreads, among employees of all branches and countries. This comfortably controlled and disciplined work environment provides a strong sense of trust and professionality.

Mainly, the culture at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is defined by the quality in which it enriches the lives of its employees.

Can you tell us about the culture at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies?

Mainly, the culture at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is defined by the quality in which it enriches the lives of its employees. Continuous improvement and essential alterations are always considered throughout the working process. All in all, almost every colleague contributes sophisticated, deeply thought out ideas on a consistent basis, which enhances the dynamics of the company as a whole.

What does Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have to offer regarding career / talent development?

When one takes his or her first step into Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, the person is embraced in humane working conditions. A truly life changing career perspective is implemented, aiming to ensure both environmental and humanistic safety. New members of the company are easily assured of the value brought to them by the company.

With many components and variables, my work requires precision and management skills. Although intensive and sometimes troubling, these challenges improve my skills exponentially.

Umut Kocur

Do you have recommendations for potential future colleagues when applying for a job with Freudenberg?

I would suggest for them to have a realistic and objective resume with plenty of previous work experience. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they need to worry before applying if they are not tremendously experienced. Developing talents throughout all levels of the organization is the best thing that Freudenberg if doing.

Besides this, potential employees should read about the family and business history of Freudenberg, which can provide the future employees with a plethora of influential happenings. Each and every incoming Freudenberg employee is unique, thus, we kindly expect each applicant to freely, personally and accurately articulate their voice and expectations, so that it can be truly determined if the applicant and Freudenberg are a good match.

How is your team organized or what does it look like?

Our team is one of the most interactive teams with both local and global parties, as well as suppliers and customers. The projects we manage require contribution and collaboration from many different departments. It is very important that the team is well organized. The various members of our team are each experts in their respective specialties. Similar to the musicians in a symphony orchestra, they operate their tasks individually, to create harmony in the wonders of engineering. This attitude is reflective of the Freudenberg philosophy as a whole.


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