Jana Vavrova
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Jana Vavrova
HSE Specialist

"Employee training is a topic that is given a great deal of attention, whether it is about raising professional qualifications or supporting personal development."

An Interview with Jana Vavrova, HSE Specialist (Health, Safety, Environment) at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies in Opatovice nad Labem, Czech Republic.

In about five sentences, please give us an overview of your job at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies?

I currently work as a HSE Specialist. Freudenberg's safety standards are summed up in ten basic points. I am responsible for the fifth standard (FSS5), which focuses on the safety of machinery and equipment. My main task is to ensure processes that maintain manufacturing devices in a condition corresponding with relevant safety standards. Not only is this an administrative activity, but it also involves the physical inspection of machinery.

FST Health Safety Environment HSE

What makes working with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies different from other companies or teams you’ve worked with?

Based on the fact that FST is my first employer, I cannot give a more detailed comparison. However, a work placement during my university studies enabled me to get an idea of working conditions and technical equipment in other manufacturing companies. These findings confirmed to me that working for FST was the correct decision. I appreciate the efforts FST makes not only with their investments in new technologies, but also in their attitude and approach to the employees themselves, which is not common in many other companies.

Why did you decide you wanted to work here?

I started working as a machine press operator at FST eleven years ago. I was 20 years old at the time and without any major ambitions; working for me was only a way to make a living. This changed when my private situation had changed and I was going to become a mom with plans for my family. I became inspired by the careers of my colleagues, and I completed my education during my maternity leave. After returning to my job, I decided to continue my further education, which would allow me to narrow my specialization. I highly appreciate the support of my employer, who made it easier for me to study while working by reducing my working hours.

I appreciate the communication between leadership and the employees.

Can you tell us about the culture at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies?

Freudenberg is a family business, and family relationships are an active part of working within FST in Opatovice nad Labem. I appreciate the communication between leadership and the employees. Mr. Peklo, the manager of our lead center, always has his door open to us.

What does Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have to offer regarding career / talent development?

Jana Vavrova

As already mentioned above, I greatly appreciated the opportunity to study while working. Knowledge of the company environment and activities also helped me greatly while I was working on my Bachelor’s degree. The opportunity to study foreign languages, which is supported by FST, is of great benefit to both me and other employees. Employee training is a topic that is given a great deal of attention, whether it is about raising professional qualifications or supporting personal development.

Do you have recommendations for potential future colleagues when applying for a job with Freudenberg?

Based on my positive experience, I can only recommend working for FST. The company offers plenty of room for personal growth, and if you are willing to work on a continuous basis, the results will come. I recommend taking advantage of the opportunities offered and not being afraid of making your voice heard.

How is your team organized or what does it look like?

It is surprising that despite the dynamic development of the company, coupled with the increase in the number of employees, it has been possible to maintain above-standard, highly-friendly personal relationships in the workplace. Adrenaline and emotions from constructive arguments are calmed down during team sports or over a cold pint of beer.


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