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Dynamic Seals

Dynamic Seals

Dynamic seals are used in applications with motion between the hardware component and the sealing solution. The motion can be rotary, translatory, reciprocating or oscillating. Effective dynamic seals need to maintain a balance between the sealing force, minimize the friction and furthermore prevent leakage.

V Ring Seals & Bearing Deflector Seals

The Bodyguard of Sealing Technology

V-Ring Seals and Deflectors must withstand a great deal. Even during installation, they are stretched over the shaft and pushed against their subsequent seat. Their counter faces are often badly processed. Shaft misalignment is yet another concern. Nonetheless, they do something amazing during their operation. They brace themselves against external influences, protecting the actual seal elements of the sealing system – along with the bearings lying behind them.

The V-Ring Seals and Deflectors are normally lubricated only during their mounting. That is not a good foundation for a long service life. So Freudenberg Sealing Technologies had to come up with something special to meet heavy industry's often high expectations in this area.

FST Enviromatic

Constant Line Contact of the Sealing Even in the Case of Significant Shaft Misalignment

The design of the seal lip is crucial for the high functionality of a V-Ring Seal or Deflector. While the very flexible seal lip of a standard V-Ring Seal lies flat against the counter face – which is generally sufficient for secondary applications – the FEM-optimized seal lip of the Merkel® Enviromatic exhibits a completely new behavior. With a defined force, it retains its line contact even in the case of major deflections of the counter face. In this way, the tribological properties in the seal gap continue to be controllable. The result is superior sealing effectiveness.

But that is only half the story. To achieve a long service life as well, this new Freudenberg Sealing Technologies development is rounded out with a special material mixture and reservoirs for lubricant intake.

High-performance Enviromatic deflectors are available in A and AX versions and can be used in the installation space available for standard V-Ring Seals.

Our Products in Detail

FST Merkel Enviromatic EA Deflector Deflektor

Merkel® Enviromatic EA

Deflector with axially acting, highly wear-resistant seal lip with a defined, sharp seal edge. Preferred for the protection of bearings and transmissions in wind power facilities, for applications in the steel industry, for underground mining and in the pulp and paper industry.

FST Merkel Enviromatic EAX Deflector Deflektor

Merkel® Enviromatic EAX

Deflector with axially acting, highly wear-resistant seal lip with a defined, sharp seal edge. Heavy version with extended seal lip. Envisioned for applications in the steel industry.

FST Merkel WA-A V-Ringdichtungen V-rings

Merkel® V Ring Seal WA-A

V-ring seal with axially acting, highly wear-resistant seal lip. Type A is the standard version for small installation spaces. Suited to roller bearings with low or medium stresses.

FST Merkel WA-WX V-Ringdichtungen V-rings

Merkel® V Ring Seal WA-AX

V-ring seal with axially acting, highly wear-resistant seal lip. Type AX is designed as a standard version for heavy stresses and significant deflection.

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