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Reliable Functionality for All Fields

Sealing Solutions for Mobile Machinery

When the harvest needs to be brought in from dusty fields; when mountains of earth soaked with rain need to be dug up as part of a construction project; when goods have to be transported from A to B very quickly, there is simply no time for a failure or standstill. Sealing solutions from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies combine performance with reliability and low costs. Whether in tractors, excavators or forklifts, they are robust, abrasion-resistant and low in friction. In fact, they stand for lasting functional reliability, long service lives and maintenance intervals, as well as maximum fuel efficiency, even under challenging operating conditions on rough terrain.

Taming the Toughest Environments

Sealing Solutions for the Global Construction Industry

Construction and mining machines operate in the most diverse, challenging, and demanding environments around. Freudenberg Sealing Technology offers industry-leading solutions.

FST Kassettendichtungen Cassette Seals

Cassette Axle Seals

For example Cassette axle seals, that resist mud, water and other invasive media, along with fluid power seals made of elastomers, urethanes, and PTFE for sealing high-pressure hydraulic systems. Our experience ensures a reliable solution for any sealing need – as does our ability to work as an extension of the customer’s engineering team. Downtime equals lost profit. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ innovative line of polyurethane hydraulic cylinder seals ensures thousands of hours of uptime and high reliability.

Operator safety and comfort are the focus for construction machines. Rough terrain not only causes driver discomfort. It can often make equipment operation dangerous as well. Freudenberg’s accumulator suspension systems stabilize the cab, maximizing operator comfort while minimizing the effect of the terrain in all types of equipment.

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