Static seals

Static Seals

Dairy couplings

Connecting quickly and without complications

First-class value for the money

Dairy couplings are standardized sealing connections that can be used to easily connect and seal pipework for fluid media. In the food industry, dairy couplings are standardized in accordance with DIN 11851 and have been used countless times to connect pipes.

FST Dairy couplings

Solutions from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies can be installed in an extremely fast, uncomplicated manner – frequent dismantling can also be handled without difficulty. Due to their first-class value for the money, they lend themselves to use in smaller facilities that are not continually in operation.

The product line includes seals in all the key materials, ranging from NBR, EPDM and FKM, all the way to VMQ and PTFE for maximum operating pressures up to 40 bar.

Seals for dairy couplings offer a wide range of applications:
  • Use in a variety of pipe connections for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Ideal for flange connections that must be opened fairly frequently
  • Use in nonhazardous media

  • Standard form, version with lip and high version

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Sealing solutions specially developed for the process industry in accordance with hygienic design and materials with industry-specific approvals.

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