Special Sealing Products

Precision molded parts

Performance under pressure

Precision to meet stringent requirements

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies provides its customers with precision-molded components that meet stringent requirements for effectiveness and reliability. Whether they need a membrane, a magnet anchor, a boot, a liquid silicone component or an elastomer composite part.

The right solution for every requirement

Precision molded parts consist wholly of elastomer materials and offer high precision, tight dimensional tolerances and high surface quality. On the other hand, elastomer composite parts are the result of a firm bonding between elastomers and other materials, such as metals, plastics or fabric. They are used when standard molded parts do not meet a particular set of requirements. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is in a position to provide the right solution to your challenge. With the most advanced methods and a strong capacity to innovate, our experts support you in the development of technology and materials.

A typical example is a seal with an integrated sensor in a diesel injection system. It functions under extreme temperatures and pressures and offers reliable sealing and sensing in a single part. This reduces costs, installation space and development expenditures.

Especially in the process industry, formed parts are very frequently used.  The typical formed parts in these cases are: 

  • Butterfly valve seals
  • Impellers
  • Fill head seals and valve seats for beverage systems
  • Profiles for separators
  • Frame seals
  • Pigs for custom cleaning systems

Our products in detail

FST Produktvariante

Coating technology (RFN)

Special seal for wear-resistant surfaces with low coefficients of friction and low adhesive force.
FST D-Jack


Friction-optimized seal for dry pistons and the lowest possible hysteresis.
FST Produktvariante

Sealing sheets

Universal sealing sheets for multifaceted and customer-developed applications.
FST Produktvariante

High and low temperature NBR

Modified versions with extremely good dynamic cold-temperature properties (down to -60 °C).
FST Elastomerverbundteile Precision Molded Parts Magnetanker Magnetic anchors

Magnetic anchors

Customer-specific valve components with an elastomer composite part. Attached chemically and/or mechanically to the anchor.
FST Produktvariante

Magnetically switchable elastomers

Seals composed of materials containing soft magnetic particles, which can open or close a valve using an electromagnetic field.
FST Produktvariante

Rubber-plastic/metal composite parts

Multi-material components composed of an elastomer with metal or plastic carriers, anchored to one another chemically and/or mechanically.

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Sealing solutions specially developed for the process industry in accordance with hygienic design and materials with industry-specific approvals.

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