Special Sealing Products

Plug & Seal

Creating tight connections

Quick-fit plug connections for housings, pipe ends and assemblies

Plug & Seal connectors are pipe sections that are rubberized on their exterior surfaces, with two sealing beads and shock absorbers. They are used to create a tight, lasting connection between housings, pipes and Assemblings for the reliable transport of fluids.

Connecting components quickly, reliably and tightly

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies developed Plug & Seal connectors to establish a tight connection between two housings, pipes and assemblies – for the reliable transport of fluids such as oil, water or air. Besides the standard design, rubberized pipe sections with two sealing beads and shock dampers are available with interior/exterior sealing, plus additional functions, and as an individualized customer solution.

The advantages of Plug & Seal connectors are many and varied. The main benefit is that they can replace other incomplete components – including cast-iron pipes with machined grooves, flanged aluminum pipes with two mounted O-rings, hoses with hose clamps, and flat and O-ring seals.

Other advantages at a glance

Quickly installable Plug & Seal connectors

  • combine multiple functions in a single component 
  • compensate for eccentricities and allow greater tolerances during installation 
  • provide an acoustic and mechanical decoupling 
  • seal reliably even at high pressures 
  • allow simple, secure and cost-effective fitting 
  • reduce logistics expenses 
  • minimize maintenance expenses through significantly improved durability 
  • offer clear benefits stemming from low overall cost

Our products in detail

FST Plug Seal innen-außendichtend sealing internally externally

Plug & Seal: sealing internally and externally

Individually adjusted, internally and externally sealing Plug & Seal connectors can be used to good effect in the following applications: - Sealing a long or coiled fluid feed in the engine cooling circuit, through a line with an interior/exterior sealing Plug & Seal at both ends - Sealing and decoupling between the coolant manifold and the cylinder head in a stationary diesel engine with an interior/exterior sealing Plug & Seal product (see figure)
FST Plug Seal effiziente Montage efficient installation

Plug & Seal for efficient installation

In practice, one aspect is very important: whether the fitting of seals and components is easy, safe and efficient to execute. These objectives can be achieved with Plug & Seal connectors: - Plug & Seal fix themselves in the installation space - Simplified overhead fitting - Multiple installation of all seal connections in one work sequence To further automate the multiple installation of Plug & Seal products, it is possible to establish a chain of interlinked Plug & Seal seals (see figure).
FST Plug Seal Zusatzfunktionen additional functionality

Plug & Seal with additional functionality

Plug & Seal connectors can be configured innovatively and individually to handle different functions. One example of a Plug & Seal with extra functionality is the fluid feed in the oil cooler of an internal combustion engine. The Plug & Seal takes over the following functions: - Tight fluid feed between the oil cooler and engine block - Compensation for misalignment - Guaranteeing a minimal oil level in the oil cooler - Protection of pipe connections in an abrasive airflow through the use of an elastomer coating

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