Technical Thermoplastics



PA – Polyamide

PA Polyamide - Structural Formula

Polyamides offer high strength, rigidity and durability with good chemical resistance and processability. They feature high resistance to wear and good anti-friction properties. Their mechanical characteristics can be further improved with fiber composites containing glass or carbon fibers. In this way, their strength and impact resistance can be adapted to a particular application.

Material Properties of PA Polyamide in Technical Applications

Polyamides especially stand out for their resistance to wear, their good damping capacity, and emergency running properties, along with a low tendency to creep. The water absorption for PA 6 is 2.5 percent – 3.5 percent. For PA 12, the figures are 0.2 percent – 0.5 percent.

Thanks to its mechanical strength properties, PA is especially suited to use in machine elements such as gears, slide bearings or guide strips. In the sealing area, PA rings are the preferred option for backup rings for an extremely wide variety of sealing elements.