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Valve Stem Seals

Valve stem seals control leak rate

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies valve stem seals offer premium service capabilities.

Freudenberg sealing technologies valve stem seals control leak rate for the life of the engine to assure correct guide lubrication while avoiding excessive oil consumption. They are produced from high performance materials which lead to increased lifetime and lower wear. They are also supplied in a variety of geometries to satisfy different assembly needs.

Our products in detail

Ventilschaftsdichtungen Valve Stem Seal Gaslippe Gas-lip


Gas-lip allows lubrication against back-pressure and allows also the oil lip to work in a pressure stable zone. The advantage of the double-lip seal is that the design is studied to decouple the valve stem seal function: oil metering and blow-by control.
Ventilschaftsdichtungen Valve Stem Seal Boot Geometry Manschettengeometrie

Boot geometry

It assures flexibility while keeping the adequate robustness of the gas-lip.
Ventilschaftsdichtungen Valve Stem Seal Step Lip Stufenlippe

Step Lip

The not continuous rubber bumps below the oil-lip increase the stiffness of the rubber membrane and therefore increase slightly the ability of the seal in coping back pressure. It improves also the ability of the seal in coping valve guide/valve stem concentricity error.
Ventilschaftsdichtungen Valve Stem Seal VA09


The VA09 type are VA03 with an integrated flange at the bottom that replaces the separated spring washer normally fit separately. That allows reducing the number of components in valve train system & assembly. Valve spring assures constant correct positioning of the VSS (avoiding pop off issues).

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