15.05.2018 Accumulators 

Freudenberg Highlights Hydraulic Seals and Accumulators at Fluid Power Conference

Milwaukee, Wisc., May 15, 2018. Rising demands for longevity, leak-free operation and friction reduction are at the heart of a series of advanced hydraulic accumulators and seals showcased by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies at booth #218 during the 2018 Fluid Power Technology Conference May 15 and 16 in Milwaukee, Wisc. Company experts have developed a portfolio of solutions to address hydraulic challenges in industries from automotive and construction to wind.

Renewable power and wind energy, in particular, will be the focus of the company’s outreach during the event. Since its acquisition of Tobul Accumulator in 2014, Freudenberg has been offering customers a complete line of piston, diaphragm and bladder accumulators with different volumes and operating pressures. Wind turbines use piston accumulators to store the energy required to adjust their massive rotor blades. These accumulators are primarily used in the pitch control unit at the center of the rotor.

Wind facilities are also increasing their use of hydraulic braking systems for emergency turbulence situations. Accumulators store the energy needed for fast braking and can deliver it on demand.


“We design our accumulators together with the customer with the overall concept in mind,” said Thomas Froehlich, Head of Global Marketing & Accumulator Sales of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. Froehlich is quick to point out that for large applications like wind facilities, the total cost of ownership is a crucial factor in system component selection.

“We consider the overall costs across the entire operating life of the system,” Froehlich explained. “With our design, the customer needs fewer components which makes the system less expensive. Furthermore, the design’s functional reliability provides longer service intervals and lifespans which reduce maintenance requirements and the risk of malfunctions.”

In addition to cutaways of its piston, diaphragm and bladder accumulators, Freudenberg will also feature a number of piston and rod seals, wipers and guide rings at its booth #218 at the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Kern Center. Freudenberg experts will also present a technical presentation on sealing basics and the importance of proper sealing in hydraulic applications during the event.

For more information on Fluid Power products available from Freudenberg, visit this page. For more information on the Fluid power Technology Conference, go to fluidpowertechconference.com


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