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A motocross bike rides over sand.

Spare Parts that Meet the Highest Standards

Corteco stands for high-quality, series-production technology. The aftermarket unit of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies supplies wholesalers and retailers with spare parts in original equipment quality. While its focus has been on cars until now, Corteco is currently gaining foothold to the motorcycle market in the United States.

In his spare time, Allen Jones likes to prove himself on his motorcycle – on the motocross track, no less. There man and machine are challenged to the extreme. Moments airborne, sharp curves, fast acceleration, hard braking, all on unpaved terrain. The chance to be on a team in a 24-hour race is high on his wish list. That would be another completely new experience for the 34-year-old American. His passion intersects with his job. He is a manager at Corteco, in charge of products used in motorcycles. One example is the fork seal, which must withstand enormous forces during motocross events.


With the quality of our products, we are clearly rising above our aftermarket competition.

Allen Jones, Category Manager at Corteco

It is no accident that the Corteco logo adorns Jones’ helmet. Founded by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies in 1996, Corteco mainly sells Freudenberg products for the aftermarket. The focus so far has been on supplying the automotive market. But now Corteco is becoming part of the motorcycle scene. The main push is in North America, where Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is making its mark with both TransTec and Corteco. TransTec was acquired in 2013 along with the aftermarket brand of the same name. It is already established in unaffiliated, independent garages and repair shops.

Expertise: Allen Jones (l.) is advicing the customers of Corteco with his applications insights. Right now he is involved in a project on fork seals for dirt bike applications as well as for mountain bike applications.

Spare Parts in Freudenberg Quality

This puts Freudenberg Sealing Technologies in a good position to supply the motorcycle market with high-quality spare parts of its own design and manufacture. The one constant: With original parts from Freudenberg, Corteco is offering seals in original equipment quality. The same applies to filter systems and vibration-control products. “With the quality of our products, we are clearly rising above our aftermarket competition,” Jones said. “Our customers can rely on the fact that the Corteco products used in maintenance and repair have the same quality as the original parts. That is clearly added value for our customers.” Especially since the cost of a seal is manageable. In return, the seal protects more expensive components by preventing relatively severe damage or even accidents, for example.

One indication of the quality of Freudenberg seals is that famous and world-leading Japanese motorcycle manufacturers rely on them. Corteco is making sure that the products are no longer only available to major vehicle manufacturers. The independent aftermarket, that is, wholesale distributors and unaffiliated garages and repair shops, can get them, too. “Remanufacturer and tuners are very popular in the United States,” said Matt Buck, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, North America at Corteco. “That is why we are mainly focusing on the smaller repair shops right now. Because the motorcyclists go there, for example, if they want the suspension of their vehicles to be expertly tuned.” Since seals always have to be replaced in the process, Corteco sees an ideal sales market here thanks to the quality of its parts. Freudenberg seals give repair shops an opportunity to turn to products in original equipment quality. For example, they might be made from extraordinarily high-performance, long-lasting elastomers.

High Expectations Meet High-Performance Products

“While there are whole global regions where motor scooters and motorcycles are important everyday vehicles, that’s not the case in North America,” said Buck, a sales specialist. “Here motorcycles are utilized for recreational activity for the most part. Bikers don’t have to ride a motorcycle – they want to. That’s why they have a special, close relationship with their vehicle. They want to keep it in the best possible condition. And it takes parts in original equipment quality to do that.” Not least of all, the owners know that good components have a tremendous effect on their motorcycles’ driving behavior. For example, the fork seal keeps the fork clean and maintains its performance, whether the rider is competing in motocross or driving down a highway. Dirt in a motorcycle’s suspension would impair its operation, causing steering problems. For example, the wheels could lose contact with the ground even in cases of fairly slight unevenness. That would reduce maneuverability and safety. Meanwhile, friction-optimized Freudenberg seals make sure that the motorcycle’s front fork, in particular, operates as it should. The bike should provide a good riding sensation. “With the quality of our products, we’ve seen that we are not only appealing to serious bikers but to the increasingly demanding hobbyist as well,” said Jones, a motocross expert.


Corteco & TransTec

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies founded Corteco in 1996. Since then, the brand has earned a good reputation providing spare parts in original equipment quality. Its selection includes about 26,000 articles for cars, motorcycles and mountain bikes. As its next step, Corteco plans to make headway with its products for the heavy-duty transport sector, that is, for trucks, agricultural machinery, construction vehicles, buses, smaller boats and yachts. Most of its products come from various Freudenberg companies. Corteco’s customers are mainly wholesalers and independent repair shops.

TransTec has its roots in the U.S., and has been part of Freudenberg since 2013. The aftermarket specialist has primarily been successful in North America. TransTec’s customers include professional remanufacturers and tuners. It assembles all the components, especially seals, needed for a repair or for a complete overhaul into kits.

But that doesn’t cover all the added value Corteco offers. Aside from the quality of its parts, the aftermarket supplier benefits from a decentralized organization. This ensures a high level of spare-part availability and a broad selection of about 26,000 items. This means Corteco always has the right parts on hand. This is why it is continuing to gain market share and is planning on more growth. Consider the above-mentioned regions where motorized two-wheelers are shaping transportation and serving as everyday vehicles. The independent aftermarket is playing a key role there as well: It is keeping the number one means of transport up and running.

Technical and Applications Expertise Included

Allen Jones and his Corteco colleagues stand out for their exceptional commitment. When application issues arise, they are ready to offer the aftermarket advice and assistance. Jones, for example, is not just a motocross rider but an engineer as well. He knows what’s important and how components in a vehicle interact as a whole. Beyond their ongoing dialogue with repair shops, he and his colleagues keep an ear to the market. They not only communicate their applications knowhow – in return, they learn which parts could be improved. The Corteco team regularly shares valuable feedback with Freudenberg business groups, spurring the development and introduction of new products. This reinforces the perception that Matt Buck, Allen Jones and their colleagues understand their business from the ground up. The aftermarket, including its motorcycle subsegment, views them as expert service providers.

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