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Power for Sustainable Energy

Sealing solutions for the entire energy value chain

Whether in wind power plants, solar or hydroelectric power plants, fuel cells, battery systems, medium or high-voltage switchgears: Innovative sealing solutions from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies pave the way from today to tomorrow in the entire field of energy technology – and they do so sustainably, thanks to unique technological expertise. They are also user-friendly due to sophisticated detailed solutions and customer proximity around the globe.

Energy Generation


In view of the climate debate and political requirements, the trend towards decentralized energy generation from renewable energy sources is continuing and necessitates rapid action.


In the area of wind power, repowering is shaping the market: at proven locations, operators are replacing existing plants with larger and more powerful ones. Offshore, too, wind is blowing in the direction of multi-megawatts. This increases the demands on the functional reliability and longevity of sealing technology. They can only be met with industry-specific know-how based on profound materials expertise. At the same time, the market environment is becoming increasingly global. Here, too, Freudenberg maintains close proximity to its customers.

Product Range for Wind Turbine Applications

Main Bearing Seals:
Pitch/ Yaw Bearing Seals:
  • Profile 20784 – The new standard for large pitch bearing sizes
  • Profile 20456/ 20717 extruded profiles catalogue program
Hydraulic Units Accumulators & Seals:
Offshore Foundation Systems Seals:
  • Profile 20788 for monopiles and transition piece
  • Cable Protection Systems

Energy Transmission


If the power supply breaks down, all wheels stop. Blackout! In some industrial nations, the transformers and switchgear used in power grids date back to the middle of the last century. They are not designed for decentralized electricity production with the fluctuating production quantities of renewable energy sources and are reaching their performance limits. An intelligent modernization with innovative products and materials is imminent.


At the same time, increasing electromobility in the transport sector is intensifying load fluctuations in the demand for electricity. This requires intelligent grids (smart grids) with powerful aggregates that can cope with the demands of the future.


Another challenge in energy distribution is the problematic effects of the SF6 insulating gas used to date on the climate. Its substitution is imminent, which poses new challenges for sealing technology. It must also sustainably withstand the environmentally friendly successors such as nitrogen, CO2 or Green Gas for Grid (g3).

Product Range for Energy Transmission & Distribution

O-rings for flanges, wiring and high voltage switches:
  • CIIR Materials - The new standard for highest demands in gas permeation, durability and low temperature resistance
  • CR and EPDM materials - proven and reliable
Simmerring® radial shaft seals for circuit-breakers, switches and switch operation:
  • Simmerring® - the FST Original
  • PTFE Forseal – for circuit breakers
UL certified flat gaskets for switch gear housings
Self-sealing silicone tapes for insulation and sealing of high-voltage cables and power busbars

Energy Storage


An example: during the day, solar cells produce the electricity that is used to power electric cars at night. If the smart grid is to become a reality, high-performance energy storage devices such as redox flow batteries or lithium-ion storage devices are needed. As links and buffers, they compensate for fluctuating energy production on the one hand and fluctuating energy consumption on the other. In this way, they create the balance for a stable, reliably safe power supply.


Besides batteries, other innovative alternatives for energy storage and conversion are emerging – and Freudenberg’s expertise makes the company the perfect partner for developing new solutions.


Green hydrogen, for example, which is produced by electrolysis from the splitting of water by using electricity, is now building a bridge to electromobility: fuel cells powered by hydrogen will soon be used to power buses and trucks. Another example: In aviation, scientists and companies are researching green aircraft fuel.

Product Range for Energy Storage

Fuel Cell & Electrolyzer Seals:

Li-Ion Battery Solutions:

Redox Flow Battery Seals:
  • Frame gaskets with flow chemistry optimized materials

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High-quality and dependable seals for wind energy.

Sales Sheets


In order to further improve the technical availability of wind turbines, we have developed a new generation of materials: Ventoguard®.


Seventomatic S71 is an elastomeric shaft seal with an integrated meander spring, offering a flat spring characteristic to ensure a permanent, even preload of the sealing lip.


Gas Diffusion Layers (GDL) play a number of important roles in a fuel cell, including reactant transport, water removal, and heat conduction.


Bipolar Plates, the graphite or metal components which conduct electricity between adjacent membrane electrode assemblies, are often designed with seals that help channel the flow of gases and heat to and from the cell.


Designed to help with rapid prototyping and design changes, our engineered sealing sheets provide a versatile, cut-to-shape solution.


Freudenberg Sealing Technologies heat shields are an easy-to-implement solution for improving battery safety.


Merkel Radiamatic R35 and Merkel Radiamatic R55 radial shaft seals help ensure long-term, reliable performance of the main bearing in wind turbines. The main bearing in a wind turbine is a key component in the generation of electricity from this renewable energy source. For a zero-defect performance the bearing seal has to fulfill the highest requirements.


Self-fusing silicone tape from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is made of a specially formulated silicone rubber capable of fusing to itself to create a flexible, homogeneous barrier. The tape starts to tack within seconds, forms an air and water tight seal within minutes, and permanently fuses to itself within 24 hours.


Merkel Enviromatic EA is a deflector seal made of elastomeric material featuring an axially acting sturdy sealing lip with a well-defined sealing edge.


The Freudenberg Hydraulic Piston Accumulator consists of two components: a gas chamber and a fluid chamber, with a gas-proof piston seal separating the components.


Diaphragm Accumulators by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies are designed for industrial and mobile equipment applications that demand lightweight, high-strength performance.


Our innovative DIAvent is the ideal pressure management solution intended for large-scale batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles.


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