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From Road to Rail

Making high speed safe and comfortable

Due to infrastructure development in countries like China and Russia there is a shift in trend occurring to apply new high speed and extreme temperature technologies. A high speed railway produces less than 50% carbon dioxide per passenger mile compared to automobiles. This transition is turning the quest from Green to SMART (zero emission) technologies, the kind that Freudenberg Sealing Technologies can help bring this rapidly changing industry. In the railway industry, that means helping to meet the demand for extra comfort and safety. By focusing on low and high temperature needs, FNST has developed various materials and products to support this industry.

Extreme Temperature

Increased horsepower requirements in locomotives, result in extremely high temperatures. Severe low temperature climates present operating challenges. Our newly developed materials can handle these extreme temperatures.

Safety and Reliability

Never before has safety and a reliable operating environment been more important to the growth of the railway industry. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is leading the way with products ranging from fabric reinforced diaphragms to innovative valve components, solutions that cover almost every application imaginable.


In a world where more transportation options are available than ever before, comfort and convenience remain at the top of a list of requirements. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies helps you deliver comfort and convenience through reduced vibration, noise and improvements to climate control, all key to attracting rail passengers.


Due to the budgetary constraints of governmental agencies and private companies, total life cycle cost is critical in railway maintenance. By offering our customers longer component life, we help reduce maintenance costs.

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All around the world the focus on rail transportation continues to increase. With the physical population growth across the globe, the demand for metro, light rail, monorail, and high-speed rail (HSR) has exploded. Rail transportation, particularly in urban areas, is becoming more vital.

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Low temperature FKM is used by O-Ring Division and LC IMC in response to the need for a material with the fuel resistance and high temperature characteristics of FKM, but also with low temperature capabilities (a traditional problem with FKM).


Freudenberg Sealing Technologies expands the boundaries of use with a new polyurethane generation to all standard and commercial polyurethanes.



Relevant products and applications in this market segment

FST Dynamische Dichtungen Dynamic Seals

Dynamic Seals

Portfolio Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Dynamic Seals

Radial Shaft Seals

While Freudenberg Sealing Technologies invented the Radial Shaft Seal, we haven't stood still. The Simmerring® continues to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of our customers.

FST Produktvariante

Damper and Steering Seals

Premium quality oil seals for dynamic, static, reciprocating and rotational applications for the world’s leading automotive suppliers and OEMs.

FST Static Seals Statische Dichtungen

Static Seals

Portfolio Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

FST Static Seals Statische Dichtungen O-Ringe O-rings


Endless O-Rings with a circular cross-section: O-Rings are among the sealing classics par excellence.

FST Special Seals Spezialdichtungen

Special sealing products

Portfolio Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

FST Diaphragms


Diaphragms may be used in an array of applications, including pumps, actuators, hydro-accumulators, valves, and regulators.

FST Boots


Single- and multiple-convolution boots are protective seals for socket joints, ball joints and articulated shafts.

FST Applications


FST Applications


FST Applications


FST Applications


FST Applications

Subgrade Equipment

FST Applications



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