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Sealing solutions for commercial ship building and ship engineering

FST Commercial Marine

Ships are the largest movable man-made structures. Accordingly, their requirements are substantial and multifaceted. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies provides compact sealing systems that do their jobs reliably over extremely long maintenance intervals. The individual elements are optimally harmonized with one another in terms of their materials and functionality. Freudenberg develops all its seals as package solutions and provides them from a single source.

Trouble-free operation

In innumerable ways, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies contributes to years of trouble-free operation for marine technology systems:

  • Large product portfolio, even for special applications and large dimensions
  • Sea water-resistant materials suited for biodegradable lubricants
  • Customer-specific, patented system solutions
  • Special solutions, including the multiple arrangement of seals or reinforced pretensioning elements for Radial Shaft Seal Rings
  • Close cooperation with customers on the adaptation of seal systems to machinery
  • Fast availability
  • Design support for new designs and repairs, including special application-related proposals
  • Technical layout of special designs
  • Substantial reduction in maintenance and berth charges due to the replacement of seals for service purposes without the complete disassembly of the drive
  • Suitable processes for the installation of seals on site

Vessel General Permit (VGP) – we have the matching answer

Since December 2013, the new VGP regulation, issued by the American agency EPA, has major influence on media and lubricants to be used in the shipping industry. This is a challenge for sealing materials involved as well. Resistance against media is the main issue.

Please read in detail about the resistance of our NBR materials in combination with typically used EAL oils and greases and swiveling motion of the related application.

Relevant products and applications in this market segment

FST Dynamische Dichtungen Dynamic Seals

Dynamic Seals

Portfolio Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

FST Dynamische Dichtungen Dynamic Seals Damp Seal

Damp & Seal

The Damp & Seal damper seal from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies combines three functions into a single component.

Dynamic Seals

V-Ring Seals and Deflectors

V-Ring Seals and Deflectors must withstand a great deal. So Freudenberg Sealing Technologies had to come up with something special to meet heavy industry's often high expectations in this area.

FST Dynamische Dichtungen Dynamic Seals Dreh-/Schwenkdichtungen Pivoting Motion

Rotary and Swivel Seals

It is the combination of operating conditions that put Rotary and Swivel Seals to the test. They must withstand pressure loads similar to those in hydraulic cylinders.

Dynamic Seals


Wipers in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders protect the interior of the cylinder from the penetration of external contaminants when the rod is retracted.

Dynamic Seals


The requirements are high. Freedom from leakage is not only a "must" for drive shafts in shipping. Cleanliness is also of utmost importance in the paper industry with its high-speed rolls.


Guide Rings

Guide Rings have the task of guiding the rods and pistons of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and preventing direct metallic contact with the cylinder housing.

FST Dynamische Dichtungen Dynamic Seals Kolbendichtungen Piston Seals

Piston Seals

Piston Seals in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders have the task of sealing the piston against the cylinder tube.

FST Static Seals Statische Dichtungen

Static Seals

Portfolio Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

FST Static Seals Statische Dichtungen O-Ringe O-rings


Endless O-Rings with a circular cross-section: O-Rings are among the sealing classics par excellence.

FST Deckeldichtungen Cover Seals

Cover Seals

Even if machine elements under pressure are firmly bolted to one another, there is still a so-called static seal gap that must be sealed.

FST Special Seals Spezialdichtungen

Special sealing products

Portfolio Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

FST Special Seals Spezialdichtungen Stopfbuchspackungen Stuffing Box Packings

Stuffing Box Packings

So-called Stuffing Box Packings have been tried-and-tested for extremely high temperatures and chemical resistance in pump and valve applications.

FST Applications

Deck machinery

FST Applications

Main drive

FST Applications

Rudder engines

FST Applications

Ship stabilizers

FST Applications

Thrust bearings, slew bearings


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