Würzburg, Germany | December 04-05, 2019

FVA Info Conference

Each year, about 600 participants gather in Würzburg at an informational event organized by Research Association for Powertrain Engineering (FVA). Since its founding more than fifty years ago, FVA has contributed to the capacity of German powertrain engineers to innovate in important ways – on the scientific as well as the industrial level.

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Today Germany is a leading center of innovation and powertrain technology and is building the basis for technological leadership and the worldwide market success of German powertrain engineering. At the annual FVA meeting, current research projects are presented and discussed, covering the current status of the research and development work, for example. Digitalization, Industry 4.0 and the electrified drivetrain are important topics as well.

Experts from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) will be among the innovators at the event. They will be using the platform to network and share information with industry partners and customers – so they can continue to keep pace with the latest trends as they develop sealing solutions for industrial powertrain technologies. The field especially requires made-to-order solutions and the highest possible material quality because industrial gearboxes are increasingly dealing with higher loads and the need for longer lifespans. For example, rising rotational speeds and internal pressure and temperature requirements are placing ever-higher demands on gearboxes. FST has the right answers to these challenges. At our booth we will provide  information about a Simmerring solution with electrically conductive nonwoven or friction-reducing coatings for radial shaft seals. But you can also find information about modular plastic sealing concepts, hygienic design seals, multi-component parts or engineering services. 

Freudenberg’s experts are looking forward to your visit.


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