San Diego, CA, USA | June 04-07, 2018

18th Annual Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

For more than 15 years, the annual international Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) has been a mandatory stop for the hybrid and electric car sector. To do justice to the industry’s growing importance and speed of development the conference takes place in the U.S., in Germany as well as in Asia.

San Diego

Their goal to reduce emissions and simultaneously curb the use of resources with the help of advanced powertrains. Efficient charging and storage capacities are the key to success in this area.

As a leading market and technology partner for demanding applications, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has naturally recognized this as well and is pressing ahead with innovations in electric mobility. With its unique material and technology expertise – which has been tried-and-tested over decades – the company is superbly equipped for the challenges of the newest automotive age. One thing is certain: The future is driving electrically.

At AABC, FST is presenting its latest developments in the e-mobility field. Its long-term goal is to supply made-to-order products and systems for nearly all the components of an electric vehicle in close cooperation with customers. At present, this already includes two-component parts, flat seals and Plug & Seals for batteries and their thermal management. In addition, electric motors need slide ring seals, and Simmerings remain indispensable in the transmissions of electric cars. The housings of sophisticated control electronics must be sealed. This means that, even today, FST is heavily involved in the further development and the establishment of the new mobility. In a lecture at AABC, Dr. Peter Kreutzer, Innovation Leader at FST, will also present the latest e-mobility solutions from Weinheim.

Freudenberg’s experts are looking forward to your visit to Stand 41.


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