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Human history began with the use of raw materials. But it didn’t stop there. Resourceful people combined and changed them, creating something new. They invented bronze, ceramics and paper. They built machines and programmed smart systems. Technological progress has often involved new products. But you have to go beyond the tangible world to find their most important ingredient: the human capacity to innovate. Our articles deal with ideas and the art of engineering – and with expertise and the spark of genius.


A Combination of Diverse Elements

Two women are guiding a new class of materials to a breakthrough at Freudenberg. They are making the case for diverse teams in an inclusive culture.

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“Innovation Always Takes Teamwork”

Interview with Vice President Dr. Ruth Bieringer on research and topics for the future.

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Material World

New materials have moved humanity forward. The latest ESSENTIAL is devoted to their most important ingredients: innovation and the art of engineering. 

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