In much of the world, sustainability is the order of the day. But what exactly does the term mean? The basic idea is dealing with energy and raw materials more carefully and with greater forethought than people often have in the past. For example, it means not letting plastic waste get out of hand, even though the material makes our lives easier. Or how hydrogen can be produced on an industrial scale in an environmentally sound way. Sustainability ought to show societies and companies the path to a livable future.


How Global Am I?

There is hardly a country in the world that closes itself off completely to the global community. But how well are individual countries globalized and how can this be measured?

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Generation Global

Twentysomethings are becoming more and more aware that the whole world is open to them. We turned to two of them to discuss their global life. Which both began with our TANNER program.

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Made for Germany

As regional as possible, as global as necessary. A look at a radial shaft seal ring made of the fluoro rubber FKM 595 reveals what this means in practice for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.

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A Material from the Bark of a Tree

Natural rubber, sometimes called caoutchouc, is the raw material used in making what we simply call rubber. Thailand is the world’s biggest exporter of natural rubber.

It is where the first plantations and producers are turning to sustainable cultivation methods – by abandoning pesticides and monoculture, for example.

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LESS is more. More responsibility.

LESS stands for Low Emission Sealing Solutions and symbolizes the goal-oriented insight that “Less is more.” After all, climate change and the finiteness of natural resources make us all accountable.

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As a company, we not only bear responsibility…

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The Freudenberg Group

Freudenberg is a globally active group…

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