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In much of the world, sustainability is the order of the day. But what exactly does the term mean? The basic idea is dealing with energy and raw materials more carefully and with greater forethought than people often have in the past. For example, it means not letting plastic waste get out of hand, even though the material makes our lives easier. Or how hydrogen can be produced on an industrial scale in an environmentally sound way. Sustainability ought to show societies and companies the path to a livable future.


“Dance – Or the Lights Will Go Out!”

Coldplay took two years to plan a sustainable world tour. The result: the “Music of Spheres” tour of 2022 with half of the CO₂ emissions.

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A Green Oasis on the Factory Grounds

A team from the Freudenberg site in Chennai, India, impressively demonstrates how a sustainable idea can lead to a rich harvest.

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Every Color Is Green

Pants made from castor oil and shoes made from mushrooms: textile pioneers are treading sustainable paths.

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One Step Ahead

Any prudent company thinks about tomorrow. It plans ahead and doesn’t sabotage its foundations with overexploitation. Sustainability involves more than ecology. It maintains complex systems: society, nature, and the economy. How can we all be sustainable? How do we conserve energy? Resources? Let’s think holistically and stay one step ahead.

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