Fossil energy sources – such as oil and coal – have powered the economy and mobility until now. But they have been accompanied by negative side-effects. First, there is the economic dependence on the countries extracting them. Second, they exacerbate the greenhouse effect with their massive emissions of carbon dioxide. Renewable sources are expected to curtail this trend. Hydropower as well as solar and wind energy are considered to be viable alternatives. But they are dependent on advanced technologies to achieve greater efficiencies.

Renewable Energy


Solar energy that can be tapped at will. Electricity from tides and waves. For that, engineers and scientists will have to collaborate across boundaries.

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Renewable Energy

Giants on the High Seas

Ever-larger wind power stations are being developed out on the ocean, with rotor diameters now reaching 167 meters (548 feet). The enormous loads place tremendous demands on systems and their components.

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Renewable Energy

Tides of Change in South Korea

South Korea is the German national soccer team’s final opponent in the preliminaries. The world’s largest tidal power plant was constructed there almost incidentally – even though this East Asian country’s coasts are well suited to the technology.

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Sealing Solutions for Energy Generation

The world is heating up and demand for renewable energy is escalating. The result: Sources of power are no longer centralized and energy systems must evolve to handle new operational challenges.

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As a company, we not only bear responsibility…

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The Freudenberg Group

Freudenberg is a globally active group…

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