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There have long been announcements of electric-mobility breakthroughs, but now the time has come. More and more vehicle manufacturers see electric motors and fuel cells as serious alternatives or at least sensible complements to the internal combustion engine. Both varieties of powertrain offer opportunities, although each is accompanied by challenges. Companies need environmentally friendly sources of energy to guarantee green mobility as they produce electric motors and hydrogen. Electric mobility could be a hot topic for a while.


No More Sparks in E-Motors

The electrically conductive eCON solution prevents damage to bearings and electric motors. It also requires no additional installation space.

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Anything but Hot Air

Making e-mobility safer - that is DIAvent's claim. The innovation solves two challenges at once in the pressure-equalization challenges in battery housings.

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Vienna Waltz

The Vienna Motor Symposium is being held virtually a second time. That’s not the only turning point for the venerable gathering. A look at the changes.

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Freudenberg Joins New Partnership to Support Emission-Free Mobility in the U.S

Building on a successful record of supplying premium, heavy duty, lithium-ion electric batteries to urban buses and other commercial vehicles, XALT Energy is proud to announce it is powering America’s first, long-distance, all-electric passenger coach in tests with private and public transportation providers in the United States. XALT Energy, a company of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, is a Midland, Michigan-based global developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion technology solutions.

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Moving Into the Future With Fuel Cell

Emission-free trucks and buses are subject to funding programs. In China, thousands of e-buses already draw their energy from fuel cells. In Europe, Freudenberg is pushing technology for fuel cell hybrid solutions.

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LESS is more. More responsibility.

LESS stands for Low Emission Sealing Solutions…

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The Freudenberg Group

Freudenberg is a globally active group…

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