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Warehouses fill up on their own. Seals report their level of wear. Intruders enter homes through toasters. Digitalization is taking visions and transforming them into reality, with the results often surpassing the powers of the imagination. What is impossible today will be a feature of everyday life tomorrow. This is where abstract bits and bytes become concrete. With stunning examples, our articles demonstrate how networking and artificial intelligence are changing industry and society.


Grasping Is Harder Than Thinking

Babies can reach for objects - robots are still reaching their limits.

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“Swab, Please, Dr. Robot!”

Robotics is also gaining ground in medicine. Insight into an operating room.

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Two Arms and Three Stars

Robots working as kitchen helpers are scoring points for their precision and hygiene. Fully automatic restaurants and android waiters are still a sensation.

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Dossier Future Files

ESSENTIAL launched a loose sequence of short stories, each of which is set in its own fictional future. Some of them have recurring characters and settings, and some stand on their own. The goal is to play with very different visions as creatively as possible and bring the reader along on a thought experiment:

What form could our future take – and what would it mean to us?

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Mockup of ESSENTIAL magazine issue November 2022

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