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Simmerring and Rotary Seals GlobalCatalog_NewRegion

Technische Grundlagen | Teknik temel bilgiler Zasady techniczne | Технические основы 45 TechnischeGrundlagen|Tekniktemelbilgiler Zasadytechniczne|Техническиеосновы Type Special aspects Special properties Example of use BA SL SF With axial dust lip Against moderate dirt ingress; axial dust lip in conjunction with a dirt excluder element (Labyrinth) Transmissions Axles: pinion seal Special types for soiled media to be sealed MSS 2 (Modular Sealing Solution) Inner seal made from nonwowen material Nonwowen material sealing disc prevents contact of the sealing edge with particles in the contaminated media Drives in industrial gearboxes Types for separation of two media BA DUO Two sealing lips For the separation of two media; narrow design; can also be used for moderate dirt ingress from the outside Circumferential speed < 5 m/sec Grease filling between the sealing lips max. 40 % Encoder Radial encoder | Axial encoder metal – rubber parts with magnetizable rubber layer magnetization of accurate north and south poles allows a high-precision shaft speed measurement with a digital sensor Applications that require a rotation speed measurement: wheel hub bearing gearbox, crankshaft, others

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