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Simmerring and Rotary Seals GlobalCatalog_NewRegion

Technische Grundlagen | Teknik temel bilgiler Zasady techniczne | Технические основы 44 Type Special aspects Special properties Example of use Special design Material: FKM Special design of the entire ­construction; for the integration in roller bearings Paper industry, rolling mills, large gearboxes PTS Sealing lip: PTFE Static part: FKM Metal part: DIN EN 10088 Very strong tightness compared to other PTFE rings; Sealing lip with partial spiral lead assures a secure and tight seating in the housing Use for special liquids, with poor lubrication and dry running; in 2-stroke engines, compressors, in the foodstuffs industry, in the chemicals industry Types for special pressure loads PPS (Premium Pressure Seal) Profile optimisation of the pressure loaded sealing lip Pressure load as for type BABSL; high reliability; longer service life Hydro-pumps, hydro-motors BAHD SN Sealing texture on the air side of the sealing lip; short, very stable sealing lip Usage with high pressures or pressure pulsations and low speeds Material hardness: 90 Sh A High pressure pumps with low rotational speeds Cassette Seals for special requirements Bearing Unit Cassette Seal Special type cassette; material FKM; slip ring in Nitrosteel Integrated type in roller bearings for high ingress of dirt Grease-lubricated wheel hubs Soft Unitized Cassette Seal Special type cassette double axial dirt lip; material FKM or NBR Type for large dirt ingress; the slip ring can be installed ­separately from the RWDR ­during the fitting Wheel hubs and pinions in axles for agricultural and construction machinery and commercial vehicles Cassette Seal PTFE Special type cassette with PTFE sealing lip with lead; dust lip made from FKM or nonwowen material Good protection against dust or dirt ingress Crankshaft seals in diesel engines Cassette Seal Casco Special type cassette with axial sealing lip and double lead; material FKM; dust lip in FKM or nonwowen material Developed for long service life; very low friction and very good resistance with high-load ­resistant oils; secure handling and easy fitting Crankshaft seals in diesel engines Performance in relation to dirt from the outside MSS 3 PTFE, nonwoven, or PTFE-impregnated nonwoven dust lip PTFE, nonwoven, or PTFE-impregnated nonwoven dust lips prevents the ingress of dirt underneath the sealing lip, but is permeable to air; prevents the formation of underpressure behind the sealing lip Gearboxes Transmissions Engines BA SL X6 Two dust lips Against moderate dirt ingress Note: preferably grease filling between the sealing lips up to approx. 40 % Gearboxes Axles: pinion seal

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