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Power for Sustainable Energy

Sealing Solutions for the Entire Energy Value Chain

Wind turbines, solar and hydroelectric plants, fuel cells, battery systems and switchgears. These are just a few energy applications that rely on technology innovations from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. Working with customers around the world, experts at the company develop unique material and product solutions that solve tough industry challenges and help pave the way to a sustainable energy future.

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Wind Turbine Power Generation Seals

Detail of a solar collector in the shape of a flower in front of two wind turbines and a dam in mountains with blue sky and sun rays

Sealing Solutions for Energy Generation

The world is heating up and demand for renewable energy is escalating. The result: Sources of power are no longer centralized and energy systems must evolve to handle new operational challenges.

Wind power is an example. By installing new, stronger wind turbines in existing locations, companies can produce more megawatts of sustainable power. Offshore as well, wind energy is increasing as more powerful, efficient wind turbines are erected. The reliability of these remarkable giants depends on components that continuously function in extreme environmental conditions. Freudenberg’s sealing solutions are custom-engineered to address unique system requirements. Founded on the company’s unrivaled material and product expertise, to wind operators around the world.

Product Range for Wind Turbine Applications


Main Bearing Seals

  • Seventomatic® – The new standard for large main bearing sizes
  • Radiamatic R35/ R55 shaft seals
  • Enviromatic premium V-Rings
  • V-Rings

Pitch/ Yaw Bearing Seals

  • Profile 20784 – The new standard for large pitch bearing sizes
  • Profile 20456/ 20717 extruded profiles catalogue program

Hydraulic Units Accumulators & Seals

  • Piston Accumulators for pitch drives
  • Diaphragm Accumulators
  • PTFE and PU hydraulic seals for pitch cylinders e.g. Simko300

Offshore Foundation Systems Seals

  • Profile 20788 for monopiles and transition piece
  • Cable Protection Systems

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