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Driving Forces: Curiosity and Passion

The new online home of ESSENTIAL, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ company magazine, not only has an improved appearance – it is based on a rigorous content-driven communication strategy as well. The approach makes it possible to present the themes that are core to the company and its target groups more comprehensively and in greater depth than before. And, thanks to digital communication channels, on a more regular basis.

Everything started with a change in thinking. For years, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies took a theme-oriented approach with its customer magazine ESSENTIAL. Twice a year, the printed version of the magazine was devoted to a key topic that was important to the company and its customers. Like when writers looked at plastics from various angles: Were they a burden on society? Was plastic a solution to its problems? Or both? In each case, the writers expanded the readers’ view of the topic in a unique way. The printed version of ESSENTIAL has won numerous awards for high-quality journalism as well as design in recent years.


Pursuing Key Topics in Various Ways

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is now taking the strengths of this approach and applying them systematically to the digital environment. For example, ESSENTIAL Online is becoming the new digital home for the coverage of core topics that are as exciting as they are diverse. The original version, which has been available exclusively in a printed form, is now developing into a true, digital and non-edition-based magazine, ESSENTIAL 2.0, focusing on important trend topics. With a sense of passion and curiosity, the print and online channels will now be mutually devoted to a common “overarching theme.” The magazine’s digital options will help it delve into core themes even more deeply. Articles are being enhanced with animation and videos.

One Theme, Many Channels

Content remains the foundation of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ communications, all over the company’s communication channels, including social media. The strategy capitalizes on the respective strengths of each medium. The new digital home for ESSENTIAL, in particular, is opening up new opportunities. This way, articles can present more facets of the coverage with greater depth than in the past. At the same time, each of the published articles can be more easily assigned to an overarching theme. Readers see an increase in the amount of information available to them, and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has the opportunity to play a visionary role. The company monitors the emerging trends in its sector as well as its customers’ activities, and gets to the bottom of important issues on their behalf. This promotes strong customer relationships and helps to strengthen the position that has always distinguished the Freudenberg Group: Keep an eye on the future and don’t linger in the present.

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