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Freudenberg Sealing Technologies plant in Langres with a sheep meadow in front.

Earth Day 2022

“This is the time for action,” proclaimed John Kerry, the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, in the trailer for this year‘s Earth Day. All around the world, people celebrate a range of events on April 22, sending a clear signal on the importance of environmental and climate protection. Earth Day is a symbolic holiday for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies as well – and an opportunity to look back at the company’s sustainability projects and initiatives in recent years.

Every Tree Counts

Reforesting and the planting of trees are an essential element of the battle against climate change. That’s no surprise since these ecological do-gooders absorb carbon dioxide from the air and “exhale” oxygen. On average, two trees in Central Europe convert a ton of carbon dioxide over their lifespans. The Freudenberg Group is taking advantage of these super powers: It called on each of its facilities to plant 170 trees locally to mark its 170-year anniversary. Since then, the initiative has taken root, and employees are “greening” forests, parks and factory grounds around the world. In some cases, individual trees are planted, and alternating teams of employees care for them. At other sites, employees combine their resources and plant seedlings in the thousands.

So Beastly Good at Their Jobs

Meanwhile, the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies plant in Langres has recruited animals into its workforce: In addition to the 400 employees at the site, a handful of Sologne sheep have been diligently at work over the past three years. In 2019, a former college student working in purchasing at Langres came up with the idea of “hiring” some hirsute “landscape gardeners.” Since the city of Langres had embraced eco-pasturage for a while, sheep could be relocated to the site. Since then, the totally climate-friendly ruminants have grazed on the grounds of the facility, keeping the grass and bushes in check. Their expertise on steep slopes makes them superbly qualified for the job. And they are saving the facility money in the bargain – sheep are less expensive than mowing with tools and machines.

Portrait of a sheep in the sun.

Busy Little Bees in Weinheim, Germany

Freudenberg Industrial Services has also embraced the animal world in Weinheim: Just a stone's throw away from the administration building and warehouse, more than 100,000 bees are humming to themselves. This idea came from an employee as well: Sina Etter, Marketing Manager, Process Industry Germany, suggested a “bee sponsorship” with the help of “Bee Different,” a company in the region. There were good reasons for the project: It is not just a way to preserve species and biodiversity – bees play an important role in the pollination of many crops. Their production of summer flower honey is an enjoyable side effect. The two bee colonies have been established on the grounds of Weinheim's industrial district for nearly a year, in the midst of fields and meadows.

In each of the three initiatives, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies employees made a commitment to local projects, helping to protect nature and the environment.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has embarked on the journey towards carbon neutrality. If you are interested to see how waste reduction, recycling and other measures are driving this process and what role sustainability plays in the process, please click here to learn more.

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