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We combine the ability for technological innovation with the expertise of a market specialist

With the world's largest range of seals, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers products for everything from dental drills and filling lines to wind turbines, aircraft and automotive transmissions. In all application areas and industries, the company's unique materials expertise and continuous innovation create the basis for customer satisfaction.

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But technological capabilities alone are not enough. In addition to technical characteristics, each market segment makes further special demands on production volume, delivery times, cost-effectiveness, services and logistics. All this requires in-depth market and industry knowledge on the part of the gasket supplier. This is the only way the supplier can identify and target specific fields of action and develop solutions that strengthen the competitive position of the customer in a particular market environment.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has in recent years further deepened its segment organization and extended it to the entire company. A good example is the Corteco brand in the independent automotive spare parts market. Other examples are specialization in the processing industry, heavy industry or renewable energies. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies always combines the technological competence of the world's leading sealing specialist with the know-how of the market specialist - the perfect alliance for the benefit of the customer.

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