PUR, PU – New Polyurethane (94 AU 30000)

PUR, PU - Structural Formula

Once again in 2013, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies greatly increased the versatility of polyurethanes with a completely new generation of products. The material 94 AU 30000 sets new standards and is excellent testimony to one of our core competencies: the development of our own materials: 94 AU 30000 is superior to other polyurethanes in all areas.

Material Properties of PUR, PU in Technical Applications

It offers a significantly longer service life and even withstands wide temperature fluctuations. Its range of application is between –35 °C and 120 °C.
This became possible through the targeted modification of the PU components responsible for thermal characteristics and the especially favorable viscoelastic behavior of the new material.In practice, this means that seals made of 94 AU 30000 are flexible at low temperatures and sufficiently stable at high temperatures. The new PU generation is also more resistant to hydrolysis¹

 ¹ Hydrolysis is the separation of a (bio)chemical bond by means of a reaction with water.


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