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Fuell Cell Technology Products from Freudenberg

Intelligent Drivetrain Solutions

Fuel cell technology from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is being used to power some of the most demanding transportation applications – from cruise liners, tankers and cargo ships to buses, trains and heavy transit semi-trucks. When optimal power, performance and long-term reliability are required, fuel cells from Freudenberg fit the transportation bill.

Freudenberg launched research and engineering efforts to develop advanced fuel cell technology more than two decades ago. Through a high degree of vertical integration, Freudenberg is capable of offering solutions, that address the complex needs of heavy-duty applications. This applies to system relevant components as well as fully integrated systems including services. Among the options are low-temperature PEM fuel cells (LTPEM) and high- temperature PEM fuel cells (HTPEM).

Hybrid systems – which combine the advantages of fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries in a cost-effective, power- efficient transportation solution – are a unique Freudenberg specialty. The company is the only alternative drivetrain supplier capable of offering both advanced battery and fuel cell expertise and technology to customers. As a single source supplier, Freudenberg can optimize these dual energy drivetrains by ensuring that both systems work properly when being combined.

In short: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers a variety of electric drivetrain solutions for future mobility applications. These environmentally friendly energy choices offer reliable, long-term performance at a lower weight and cost and are particularly capable of supporting the high payload needs of long-haul buses and trucks.

We see fuel cells, in combination with batteries, as an integral part of future mobility.

Claus Möhlenkamp, CEO


Truck & Bus

Truck & Bus

The globally active technology specialist and Europe's largest provider of long-distance coach travel are working together in a future-oriented project on sustainable, CO2-free mobility. Together they are bringing fuel cell-powered coaches onto the road.

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cruise ship


The technical requirements for the performance, reliability and durability of fuel cells used in a marine applications are higher than for those used on land. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers modular, individually configurable fuel cell systems and integrated hybrid drive systems that optimize the sizing of fuel cell and battery.

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More than two and a Half Decades of Experience With Fuel Cells and Batteries

The Freudenberg family of businesses has more than 170 years of industrial design and manufacturing experience. The company is focused on innovation, product excellence, quality, value and customer service. With 50,000 associates in 60 countries, Freudenberg businesses respond regionally with global solutions.

For more than 20 years, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has pursued the development of functional relevant components for fuel cells. Gas diffusion layers (GDL), for example, increase the flow efficiency of reactant hydrogen, air and oxygen and product gases through the cell membrane. Filters offer long-lasting protection for the catalysts. Humidifiers prevent the membranes from drying out and seals are essential in maintaining the integrity of a fuel cell over a lifetime. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ material development expertise has produced such innovations as 35 FC-PO100, a material that is especially designed for the production of fuel cell seals. In addition, the company has strengthened its core material and manufacturing expertise with the acquisition of two advanced battery and fuel cell businesses. These businesses enlarge the capabilities on component level with system know-how which is often patented.

Did You Know That...

... Freudenberg Sealing Technologies recycles most of the components used in its fuel cell stacks? At Freudenberg, for example, the bipolar plates – a core element of the stack – are not made of corrosion-prone metal but of high-quality recyclable graphite. Graphite bipolar plates offer greater sustainability, lower costs and a longer service life.

... Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers predictive maintenance capabilities and an advanced telematics service that continuously monitors the performance, location and charging activities of its systems and components?

Fuel Cells for Yachts

Can fuel cells provide sustainable, emission-free operation on yachts? Our partner Luerssen is committed to this idea: Together we will develop a fuel cell system specifically for yachts. This project was introduced during the "Luerssen Live! talk" on April 15, 2021.

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