FST Testing



Quality from the outset

Seal tests under real conditions ensure reliability

The Freudenberg Sealing Technologies' test plant offers new validation options to perfectly match your seals with the individual CIP /SIP process.

CIP /SIP and hot steam processes are an integral part of the production process in the food industry. Cleaning media and heat in this process highly stress the valve seals - a neuralgic weak point for smooth operation if the material and design of the seal here has been put together incorrectly.

Our test plant allows you to now carry out meaningful tightness tests in all popular CIP /SIP media as well as in steam and hot water under real conditions. From the O-ring to the lip seal, this means that verified statements on functionality of the optimal seal can be derived before serial use. A proactive development partnership which significantly increases the system stability and thus the cost-effectiveness of your valves and systems.

Test procedure and options

  • Seal testing in connection with acids, alkaline solutions and disinfectants 
  • Separate product infeed systems for valve and seal contamination 
  • Testing critical applications with hot steam, cooling water and compressed air feed 
  • Tests all kinds of seal in valves and accessories such as O-rings, membranes, lip and profile seals, molded parts 
  • Testing of seals in measuring devices and pumps 
  • Carrying out damage analyses

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