FST Quality Qualität


Our Quality

Zero-defect policy

Functional reliability without compromise

The quality requirements for seals are of the highest standard, whether it’s for automobiles, wind turbines, excavators, drinks bottling lines or tunneling machines. They all need to work perfectly. No ifs. No buts.

The family-owned Freudenberg company has been synonymous with top quality for generations. Fault-free series production starts with the development of new products based on the Advanced Product Quality Planning Method. This is a proactive quality and risk management strategy aimed at delivering the quality required by the customer over the long term right from the first component. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies lives by the Zero Error Philosophy at all stages of the value added process. Short development times and fast and punctual delivery are just as much a matter of course as a high level of materials expertise and a unique range of products and services.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is committed to meeting its customers’ quality and warranty expectations through world class products and processes. The organization rigorously applies quality and lean manufacturing practices to every part of its business.

From Six Sigma, Kaizen and Value Analysis/Value Engineering to 3P (Production Preparation Process) and lean manufacturing, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies integrates quality management tools that increase flexibility, productivity and speed, reduce defect rates, inventory and cost, pro-actively identify process and production risks, and provide customers with fast, on-time delivery.

Global standards are constantly changing. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is dedicated to meeting this challenge for customers through an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and best-in-class and manufacturing programs that deliver results every day.